We’ve seen our fair share of Southern Cross tattoos, but our artists have plenty of fresh, contemporary ideas if you want to show your love of Australia through a beautiful tattoo design. 


If you’re feeling particularly patriotic and you want your next tattoo session to be a tribute to the sunburnt country we live in, why not consider some of the true-blue Aussie ideas below? 


Australian botanicals


Australia has some stunning flowers, plants and shrubs. Why not embrace nature and get a floral design inked onto your skin? 


Pink rock lilies, kangaroo paws, bottlebrushes, banksias and wattles are just a few flora that make stunning designs. The bright colours make an impression, especially when tattooed against paler skin colour tones.


Native Australian animals


Australia has so many unique animals not found elsewhere on the planet that makes getting an Aussie fauna-inspired design a great ice breaker when travelling internationally! 


There are the more obvious animals like koalas, kangaroos and echidnas, but consider thinking outside of the box and opting for a lesser-known animal, such as a spotted quoll, box jellyfish or thorny devil.


Add another dimension to the design by getting the animal drawn using geometric shapes for a modern twist.


Mapping it out


Why not get an imprint of the Australian map itself put on to your body? If you have a favourite spot within Australia – such as your home, wedding venue or birth place of your child – you could always ink the coordinates within the map for an added touch.


Map tattoos can be a great option if you want an uncomplicated design, as you can simply get the outline of Australia inked and nothing else. They also allow the chance to fill them in later if you decide to take it to the next level. These designs look great as small tattoos and are perfect for spots on the body like wrists and ankles.


Australia’s natural beauty


Love to surf? Or perhaps you like to hike in the rainforest? Or maybe scuba diving is more your thing? Australia has such a great outdoor lifestyle, and you could embrace this way of living through your next tattoo. 


Some nature-inspired ideas include getting an outline of your favourite Aussie mountain range inked into the inside of your arm, or choosing a wave design to represent our stunning beaches. You might even choose an Aussie symbol like an Akubra hat or UGG boots!


Australian icons


There are some great Aussie icons worth remembering with a tattoo. May Gibbs’ Snugglepot and Cuddlepie and Dorothy Wall’s Blinky Bill are two cute classics that spring to mind.


Or perhaps Australian buildings and items are more iconic to you. If this is the case, Sydney Harbour Bridge or even the humble Aussie barbeque might be some ways you could show off your love for Australia.


Whatever your style, there is bound to be an Aussie tattoo out there to suit you. There’s never been a more patriotic way to show your love for Australia than by inking a fair-dinkum Aussie symbol onto your skin.