Daniel Gorringe X Celebrity Ink™ | Stuart Dew Tattoo

Daniel Gorringe Celebrity Ink Stewart Dew Tattoo Gold Coast Suns Carlton Blues ALF

Daniel Gorringe Chooses Celebrity Ink™ for his Stuart Dew Tattoo

Celebrity Ink™ was the tattoo studio of choice when former AFL footy player, Daniel Gorringe, needed help making good on his lost bet!

The Gold Coast Suns pulled off a major win against the Carlton Blues, but before they could, Big Brother star Dan Gorringe made a bad bet: if the Suns were to win, he would get a tattoo of Stuart Dew on his derriere.

“If the Suns beat Carlton today I’ll get Stuart Dew’s face tattooed on me,” tweeted Dan.

Carlton led until midway through the third quarter, with Dan live tweeting throughout the game, when the Suns surged ahead to claim a 76 to 57 victory.

“I’m in shock, did not see this coming. I’m a man of my word,” he tweeted.

“One Stuart Dew face coming up tattooed on my body when we are out of lockdown. Lesson learnt today”

“Stuart Dew tattoos are actually in right now. Going to start a trend”

When it came time to follow through on the promise to his fans, there was only one place that came to mind: Celebrity Ink™!

Daniel Gorringe Celebrity Ink Stewart Dew Tattoo Gold Coast Suns Carlton Blues ALF

How did Dan manage to get himself into this mess?

Before his tattoo, Courtney from our marketing team at Celebrity Ink™ HQ had the pleasure of sitting down (virtually) with Dan and getting down to the nitty gritty of just how he ended up in this unusual situation.


Tell us what’s going on, go from start to where we are now.

Daniel Gorringe:

So the start is me putting out a tweet on Twitter saying that if Gold Coast would beat Carlton, my two teams that I played for, if Gold Coast beat Carlton I’ll get a picture of Stuart Dew, the Gold Coast coach tattooed on my backside.

So that tweet took off a lot more than what I thought it was going to.

I tweeted and then had lunch and came back and I like, “Oh my God. What is happening?”

This is really cool.

Later then watched the whole game, and sure enough it was a close game, which is good, but of course because I tweeted about it, it came off.

So Gold Coast beat Carlton and now we are facing the reality of doing this tattoo.

So getting in the studio and getting Stuart Dew on my backside.


What prompted you to make the bet?

Were you actually confident that they were going to win?

Daniel Gorringe:

Well, I’m just so stupid.

Nothing prompted me.

No one even dared me.

It was just me trying to be arrogant and funny and put it out into the world.

And then I thought they were going to win, they should’ve won, but, yeah, it didn’t happen that way.

So it’s a good life lesson.

But as I do with most things, I do pay my debts and this is one of them.

I don’t think I’ll be making more tweets after this!

Dan has a tendency towards showing off his assets


That’s actually another one of my questions.

Are you prone to bets like this?

Are you prone to just throwing things out there?

Daniel Gorringe:


I think 2020 and 2021 was obviously the year of COVID and lots of ups and down restrictions.

For me, it was just the year of making stupid promises and bets on Twitter.

So I did another one saying that I would run down Lygon Street, one of the prominent streets here in Carlton, in Melbourne.

I’d run down naked if Carlton didn’t make the final.

So I’ve still got to do that.

I’m looking to kill two birds with one stone once I get the tattoo of Stuart Dew and then flaunt it down Lygon Street as well.


I was going to say, a lot of your bets sound like they involve your butt being exposed to a lot of people.

Daniel Gorringe:

It’s one of my best assets apparently.

My face is no good, so I love to think I have a good butt.

Why did Dan choose to tattoo Stuart Dew to his behind?


Why’d you choose Stuart and not any of the other players or coaches?

Daniel Gorringe:

I don’t know.

I think Stu is just a figure.

Think of Gold Coast, think of Stuart Dew.

So he was just one that came to mind straight away.

There’s no more real thinking behind that.

I liked Stu, I’ve met him a couple times, he’s a good man.

So it’s not as bad as it seems.

I know having a tattoo of someone that you’re not really friends with, I guess, no, isn’t something you do, but if it’s going to be anyone, I’m happy it’s Stuart Dew.


Would you make any alterations to his face if you could?

Daniel Gorringe:

Maybe make his eyes just a tiny bit wider, so if he ever sees it, he’s like, “That just doesn’t look like me, mate. What have you done?” That’s probably it.


I love that.

What did he say?

Was he on board?

Or was he like, “Why?”

Daniel Gorringe:

I think everyone was on board.

I haven’t spoken to Stu personally, but Gold Coast Footy Club reached out.

They’ve tweeted as well about it, all the players have, the physios, so they were pretty happy.

Of course, they would be, they won a game and now they get this dessert, this cherry on top of winning that.

I think that they’ll love it.

They’ll be chuffed it.

So it’s a win-win, except for me, I guess.


To be honest though, it is normal for people to get other people’s faces tattooed to them.

If you think about celebrity tattoos and the like, it’s kind of weird, right?

But also kind of cool.

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Daniel Gorringe:

I might do a tribute to all my favourite people in the world across my bum.

This might be the thing that gets that rolling.

Dans’ fans wouldn’t let this go…


So obviously, all your fans started going nuts.

What do they think?

What kind of messages have you been receiving, comments?

Daniel Gorringe:

It’s crazy.

One of the things that’s been constant at me all year, is people just want to know where it’s happening.

“When are you getting it done? What’s it going to look like? Come on, hurry up,” kind of thing.

So obviously, lockdown’s been pretty hard to move around and even go outside the door here in Melbourne.

Now that the ball’s rolling and things are in motion, I think they’re going to be absolutely stoked.


Were you expecting this level of pressure?

Daniel Gorringe:

Actually, it’s so nerve wracking, there’s so much pressure just to get this tattoo.

It’s exciting though.

I guess the good thing about it is that so many people are involved now.

All the people that follow me or might be a fan or whatever it is, they’re all connected through this one thing.

It’s good, brings people together, as silly as it might be.

So to make people excited or maybe happy when they see it, it’s a good feeling.

I’m glad there’s a lot of people behind me.


How did it go when you asked your fans to vote for which tattoo they wanted?

Daniel Gorringe:


Crazy amount of people had their thoughts.

I put four different photos up there with people, asking, “What do you think? What do you want?”

A lot of opinions.

We’ve gone with the one that got the most votes, I guess, seems to be a popular one.

A lot of buy-in from all the fans, which is amazing.

Didn’t expect that, as I said before.

So a lot of people invested in it, which is great.

Stuart Dew is immortalised on Dan’s derriere


So I saw when you put those photos up, it was on your abs not your bum.

Daniel Gorringe:

I didn’t really want to put my exposed bum on there and do all the real things on it.

So it was like a little teaser.

Like you guys know where it’s going, but what’ll it look like?

What do you think?

A little teaser for then, good feedback.

I probably would never ever get that on my abs, ever.

I’m happy that it’s on the backside, so I can at least hide it as much as I can.


You do know that going forward for years and years people are going to ask to see your butt, to see the photo of it.

Daniel Gorringe:

Oh, I know.

I’m just thinking that going down to the pub, the first thing people will ask, “Just show us it. Show us it.”


“Show us your butt.”

Daniel Gorringe:

It’ll be a cool party trick to show people when the conversation goes stale, I’ll just say, “Oh, you guys seen this?”


Do you think your fans are going to feel stitched up that you went on the butt and not somewhere more exposed?

But I mean, the butt’s good.

Daniel Gorringe:

I think I said butt in my tweet, so I’m pretty happy I specified where it was going, initially, instead of just leaving it open and then letting my fans run wild with where they’d want it, my forehead or something, which would be the worst thing.

But no, as I said, they’re stoked to see it.

They’re so, so happy.

And I’m actually looking forward to getting in there and getting it done.


So no special connection between Stu’s face and your butt?

Not yet, anyways.

Daniel Gorringe:

Not yet, but it’s going to be a lifelong bond that we’ll have forever, which is great.

Maybe in 10, 20, 30 years we’ll look back and say, “How good was that time you guys won and put your face on my backside? That was really fun when we did that.”

So you never know.

Would Stuart Dew ever get a Daniel Gorringe tattoo?


Do you think he’d ever be willing to get your face on his butt for any reason?

Daniel Gorringe:

No. Not a chance.

There’s no way, unless maybe we go next year, Carlton beat Gold Coast again in football.

Maybe he’s up for it.

That could be another chapter in a series of events.


I mean, you’ve seen how much pressure and buy-in that your fans had.

I bet that they could pressure him into something.

Daniel Gorringe:

I think so.

I think they could.

If there’s a fan base that could pressure someone into doing something-


It’s the footy fans.

Daniel Gorringe:

I would know this first hand, it’s definitely my fan base.

They’re good at that.


What about your teammates?

Your former teammates and your footy friends, are they just like, “What have you done, Dan?”

Daniel Gorringe:

The guys that still play both teams Carlton and Gold Coast, even players that I know who are playing footy at the moment, they’re just like,

“That is absolutely ridiculous.”

So again, there’s a good amount of interest in it and… I don’t know.

It’s just good.

So many people involved and interested from all different backgrounds, and former players, coaches, staff, fans.

So two fan bases who probably don’t have a lot in common will finally have something in common, which is great.


Speaking of differing fan bases, let’s switch gears a bit here.

Now you’re going to be exposed to the Celebrity Ink™ fan base.

And it’s a really welcoming family.

So you’re lucky there.

I know that everybody’s really excited to have you in the studio.

Why did Dan choose Celebrity Ink™?

Daniel Gorringe:

I obviously did my research and pretty amazed with how far your reach is, where you are, how many locations you have.

So looks like, and I know I am now dealing with the best in the business, which is very comforting because I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, but working with you guys, Celebrity Ink™, you talked me through the process, you looked after me, and you held my hand the whole way, so definitely very grateful for you guys being on board.


Well, I’m really glad to hear that.

We’re already doing it for you, so you don’t have to butter me up.

Daniel Gorringe:

I think that was for myself to hype myself up for it.


What’d you come across in your research that really made us kind of stand out?

What made us different?

Daniel Gorringe:

I think just the attention to detail.

When I went through and looked at the locations you are, the artists you have, the work that you guys do as well, I think it definitely holds up and has a reputation as well with the amount of work you’ve done.

You’re not known for that kind of reputation, unless you’ve established yourself and you’ve got, yeah, a good partnership with people who come in there and get tattoos.

So like I said, just seeing how many studios you have, the work you’ve done, and then talking to you guys further about the process and how it all works.

Very comfortable going here with Celebrity Ink™.

Daniel Gorringe Celebrity Ink Stewart Dew Tattoo Gold Coast Suns Carlton Blues ALF
Celebrity Ink™ isn’t your average tattoo studio.

Dan’s been inked before…


What’s been your experience with tattoos up to this point?

I think I know you’ve got one tattoo, at least.

Daniel Gorringe:

I’ve got one tattoo.

It was a home job, a home tattoo.

So a few drinks and then one of my friends decided to pull out his tattoo gun and put the word “Better” on my foot in just the worst handwriting you’ve ever seen.

Not really sure why I picked the word “Better” at that time, but it seemed like a good idea, I guess at that time.

So foot is tatted up, I guess you could say it’s a foot sleeve.

I’ve got a sleeve on my foot.

No big deal.


Pretty tough.

Daniel Gorringe:

I’m tatted.

I’ve got ink.

It did hurt a lot on the foot, so I do know that much about tattoos.

Not as easy and they definitely look a lot more painful than what people let on, but they are a lot more painful.


I think it’s one of those things where it depends on your pain threshold and where it is on your body.

On the butt I think it’s pretty good, it’s nice and meaty, right?

Daniel Gorringe:

I’ve heard from friends, near bones is a no-go.

Heels, ribs, shins, forearms, things like that.

I’ve been working really hard in the gym trying to get a bit of extra meat on this backside, so I don’t feel it.

It’s looking pretty peachy at the moment, which is great.

All in prep for this tattoo.

Will Dan’s fiance still go through with the wedding?


Well, your fiance must be enjoying the extra peachy-ness, but what does she think of everything else?

Is she reconsidering things?

Daniel Gorringe:

She was pretty supportive initially.

Then she was like, “You’re not going to get this tattoo. You are definitely not getting this tattoo. It’s such a stupid thing to do.”

And now she’s come around to it.

She’s accepted that it’s definitely happening, and she’s made peace with that, which is great.

And I think she’ll love it.

Once she sees Stuart Dew on my backside, how can you not love that?


Is it because she just doesn’t really like tattoos or is it because it’s the theme of the tattoo that’s just not what she really agrees with?

Daniel Gorringe:

That’s the weird thing, she has tattoos.

So I think it’s more just the theme that she’s not big on.

If it was someone else playing AFL maybe.

Maybe if it was Bailey Smith who’s this really good looking bloke who plays for the Bulldogs.

But the fact that it’s Stu Dew, I think that’s what really put her off.

Tattoos used to only be for the cool kids


What do you reckon people’s general attitude is towards tattoos these days?

Have you sensed a change in people?

Daniel Gorringe:

I definitely have.

I think when I grew up tattoos were the badass kids at high school and they were so cool.

Then it kind of changed to, “Oh, don’t ever get tattoos because you can’t get a job,” or this and that or whatever it might be.

Now that society and things could change, especially with COVID and being at work or being in a different situations, hey, it doesn’t matter what’s on your body or what you look like or why you’ve got them, as long as you comfortable with them.

And some people can just pull them off and they look cool.

They look great with tattoos.

And some people you’re like, “Okay. Maybe not.”

Daniel Gorringe:

But most of my mates have tats and they look great.

I think people’s views definitely changed on tattoos.

And as long as you comfortable in your skin, that’s what matters.

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Your skin, your story


And that really kind of segues into Celebrity Ink™.

It’s your skin, your story, man.

If you can wear it with confidence, go nuts, right?

Do whatever you want to do.

What’s your next tattoo going to be after Stu’s face on your butt?

Daniel Gorringe:

Look, I haven’t thought that far ahead, gladly, but… I don’t know.

People say they get the tattoo bug, once they get their first one, they’re like, “Oh, I’ve got to get another one. I just have to.”

So I’m kind of hoping I do get the bug.

I’ve always wanted them growing up.

I always had visions of having a sleeve or something down my leg.

So I’m praying that I get the bug to get more, but I’m just not sure what it looks like.

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You will.

You absolutely will.

If I have anything to do with it, I’ll be that bug in your ear anyways. “Hey, when are we getting a new one again, mate?”

Daniel Gorringe:

I’m looking forward to it.

That’s what I want.


Maybe I have to jump on your Twitter and pressure you to make another bet of some kind.

Daniel Gorringe:

It won’t take much.


I think you’re definitely going to be firing off more of these bets in the future and I can’t wait to see them.

Daniel Gorringe:

I think so.

Look, I know that I probably will as well, so I’ve accepted that.

And one place I’m going to go to pay up, it’s going to be Celebrity Ink™, so that’s for sure.


I love that.

Thanks, Dan.

Your butt’s in good hands with us.