Commemorating a moment, especially love, is a tale worth telling right? You want to commit that feeling forever … until you don’t! When that love has diminished, it can quickly become one of the biggest tattoo regrets, especially when you can’t move on.  You may not be able to or want to lose the memories entirely but it is possible to remove the physical reminder. If your love tattoo has got you feeling a little forlorn, then it’s possible to blow out an old flame’s name. There are a couple of schools of thought as to the best approach which will be an entirely personal decision – you can choose laser tattoo removal or a tattoo cover up.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Whilst tattoos are designed to last a very long time, they can fade in part eventually. This is because the body’s natural immune system is set up to reject foreign particles. The reason they don’t fade altogether is because the ink particles which are injected into the dermis are too large to fade out. During the laser tattoo removal process, the ink particles are shattered into smaller pieces allowing the body to flush out the smaller ones. It’s all very safe! The laser targets the ink molecules only so it won’t damage surrounding skin tissue. The various wavelengths (short or long) are used to varying degrees on different colours. 

It’s important to know that this isn’t a quick fix. The process has to be handled over several treatments depending on the tattoo size and because the tattoo has been injected into the skin with varying layers. Subsequent treatments will need to target these layers as they are uncovered. It’s recommended to space the treatments 6 weeks apart to allow the body to flush out and heal.

Does it hurt and what is recovery time like?

Like having a tattoo applied, everyone’s pain threshold is different but most people say that having a tattoo removed hurts less than getting one. It’s so much quicker to remove a tattoo then to have it put on. Plus, the pain each time is minimised due to the fact it’s also broken up over several visits.  

The success of the removal will also depend in part on your attention to aftercare which includes avoiding the sun, smoking and alcohol, and keeping it clean and dry. 

How does a cover-up work?

A cover-up tattoo replaces a previous tattoo with a new one. You’re essentially writing a new chapter over the old one!

The ink from the new tattoo is deposited into the dermis where the old tattoo was and the two ink colours combine to form a new tattoo. We often recommend a black cover up but your existing artwork and desired new design choice and style will have a lot to do with the effectiveness of the cover-up. Any pain associated with this process is just like getting a new tattoo so the ouch factor and recovery time is the same. For more information on this you can visit this blog

Getting rid of an old tattoo design whether it be an old flame, a design you no longer like or perhaps even one that has faded is possible. You can opt for removal or a cover-up. Make an appointment now for expert advice at Celebrity Ink™.