We’re used to Walk In bookings at our studios worldwide, and we welcome them! There’s something about a spontaneous tattoo that captures our imaginations and we love being a part of your unforgettable tattoo experience. However with social distancing, we’re mindful of the fact that we can’t have 5 or 10 people huddled around the birthday boy getting his first tattoo, or the bride to be getting a heart on her ankle one month out from her big day. 

Help us keep everyone safe with these changes. 

Can I book my hens or bucks night at the tattoo studio?

There will be no more hens and bucks night bookings. But, this is a good thing. 


Due to new procedures introduced pertaining to COVID-19 policies and practices, all studios will have a limitation to the number of people who can be in the studio at any one given time. This means, in most instances you will only be able to have one person accompany you when getting a tattoo. The benefit of this is obvious as it will ensure safe practices are being maintained for all. Apart from that, there’s the added bonus of no rowdy on-lookers distracting you and the artist from keeping still. 

Sometimes larger groups can become a little unruly and may ruin the tattoo experience for another client getting their tattoo, so this will make sure everyone has a great time getting their tattoo. Many times, someone in the group is egged on to get a tattoo as well without doing any research or thinking about what getting a tattoo might mean to them, so the new rule may just prevent some unwanted tattoos in the future! 


Couple & BFF Tattoos will become increasingly popular

The nature of the tattoo industry is changing once again. Tattoos are set to become a more intimate experience with the inability to book a group in, so we suspect it will result in more and more couples and best friends booking for a tattoo to enhance their tattoo experience. Life is about the journey so a tattoo experience with a loved one or best friend honours the journey you are on and it will be a whole lot of fun too.

There’s plenty of talented tattoo artists waiting to chat with you at Celebrity Ink™. Artists can discuss your requirements and any queries you have regarding safe practices. Who will you get inked with?