Tattoos are a big deal. Apart from choosing a design which is there for the rest of your life (without going through the process of a removal), they are also an investment both financially and spiritually. There’s plenty of tattoo inspiration around and these top tattoo designs for men are a great start. However, in addition to your design, it’s important to research all facets including the best studios and their hygiene practices. Keeping these important factors in mind, it’s time to do your research.


Don’t fake it till you make it!

Whilst it’s highly recommended to take Google and Pinterest for a spin to see what is trending, you should also ensure the design of your tattoo has personal meaning. A striking image is essential, and this can be achieved via intricate designs, but originality is key. Anyone can copy a movement or an idea, but the trick is to make it unique to you and this can be achieved by digging deep into what resonates with you.  

Design ideas

One of the most unusual tattoo designs for men in 2020 is the biomechanical tattoo. One of the more popular contemporary tattoo styles, this design sees the merging of the living with the machine.  Biomechanical art is closely tied to the Ridley Scott’s film Alien in 1979. The artist H.R. Giger produced the designs for Alien and the popularity of this film piqued an interest in his style. 


The creation of this style of tattoo makes it look like a person’s skin is torn and underneath it reveals the mechanical parts (i.e. rather than muscles, veins, bones and organs). These tattoos are a popular choice for fans of sci-fi, horror or the futuristic. Keep in mind that the vast majority of tattoos designed in the biomech style need to be placed somewhere large like an arm, leg or on the back.


Something more discreet in mind?

Depending on your personality type, a small tattoo can be equally as impressive as a large sleeve or leg tattoo. Small tattoos are still a popular choice in 2020 and can offer a more affordable approach to your wallet. Easier to hide or reveal depending on your choice and work environment, a tattoo of this style can offer some mystery depending on its placement.  There’s countless ideas including mountains, trees, arrows, shapes, lettering, oriental, travel inspired and scenery to name just a few. Less is sometimes more.  


Just remember if you want to go small, keep the colours lean. Black and one or two other colours always work best for clean lines. There’s some cool ideas here under these insta tags for starters but hit up other resources too such as this Celebrity Ink hashtag for both small and large.


For Pop Culture enthusiasts who like a twist!

Mini portrait art executed with such precision and detail make stunning tattoo pieces! Sources of inspiration can include references from TV shows, movies, comic books, music and classical art.  Enter a melting Mona Lisa or a depiction of an epic last supper Da Vinci style with Spongebob Squarepants, The Joker and Deadpool with a seat at the table. 


Something discreet, colourful or tongue in cheek could be your next tattoo design idea.  There’s plenty of talent and ideas just waiting for men wanting tattoos at Celebrity Ink™.  Get inspired and visit one of our tattoo studios today.