5 Moving Tattoo Tributes To Mourn The Loss Of Your Beloved Pet

Published August 6, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

Fur parents will go to extreme lengths for their beloved pet. Our beloved animals come into our lives to teach us about love and they leave our lives to teach us about loss. Losing a pet is always hard and we all grieve in different ways - it’s how we move through that grief to get to the other side that can ease the pain.

It can be very beneficial to honour your animal companions by sharing the love of your pet with others which can help you process your emotions. Our dearly beloved pets leave a permanent mark on us, so it makes sense to honour him or her with indelible ink. Pet tattoos are very popular with animal lovers.

5 moving tattoo tributes to commemorate your pet

There are so many ways to honour your pet with a meaningful tattoo and some of them can be darn cute too. Most popular is water colour, black ink and portrait, and it’s rare to ever hear of pet tattoo removal which means no regrets!

Check out these creative pet tattoo designs which can make crossing that rainbow bridge a little easier.

  1. The simplicity of this black and white sketch with the adorable dog positioned on the inside wrist looking up at you forever evokes a strong reminder of how loyal our pooches are.
  2. The use of realism and graphic elements make for a striking tribute in this tattoo.
  3. This script tattoo with the words “nothing loved is lost forever” and some minimalistic paw prints leaves a mark!
  4. Like a fine wine, this tattoo of Sauvignon will age nicely.
  5. Mittens makes her mark with this stunning water colour design.

Cat’s whiskers in your ink?

For something even more unique, this company is helping to pay tribute to your beloved in a different way. Everence offers an additive to tattoo ink which uses the cremated remains or hair samples of your pet to allow you to carry a little piece of your pet wherever you go. If you are wondering how safe that could be, then this company has patented the process which purifies the sample in a medical-grade polymer material, so the body won’t reject it allowing it to be a part of the tattoo forever.

These top 5 tattoo tributes to mourn the loss of your beloved pet will help keep you connected and their memory alive forever.

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