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One of our busiest locations, our Celebrity Ink tattoo studio in Garden City provides you with the ultimate VIP experience while you get your dream tattoo.

We’re based in the Garden City Westfield Shopping Centre in Upper Mount Gravatt, a well-known Brisbane retail hub where you can combine your tattoo appointment with some first-class food and shopping.

Our Mount Gravatt studio offers tattoos in all styles to represent your personality, your tastes and the story you wish to tell. Whether your dream design is based on your memories, your passions or a cause you stand for, we’ll work with you to bring your creative vision to life, celebrating you and what you care about most.

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We also offer piercings and cosmetic tattooing in Garden City if you’re after a fresh look to enhance your confidence.

Our talented team of tattoo artists and piercers is committed to going all-in when creating the best tattoo or piercing and the best possible experience for you. From realistic to minimalistic to traditional to tribal, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality artwork in the safest, most hygienic, most comfortable environment possible.

Come to one of Brisbane’s premier shopping destinations, take your pick from hundreds of retail options and find out for yourself why Celebrity Ink is the largest tattoo brand in Asia-Pacific. You’ll see why we have set the standard for exceptional customer experience and premium tattoos when you get your own tattoo or piercing at our Mount Gravatt studio.

Licence Number: 4670381

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Tattoos are an art form with more than 12,000 years of history behind them, so we understand it’s sometimes hard to choose which of the many styles will tell your story best. At our Celebrity Ink tattoo shop in Garden City, we go the extra mile to help you find the tattoo that most suits your style and your story. Whether you choose a detailed, eye-catching full sleeve or a small and subtle tattoo you can cover up with clothing when you need to, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and thrilled with the results.

Our tattoo artists are experts in their craft, passionate about working with you and telling your story. Our training and deep knowledge of tattoo culture gives us the skills to create genuine, well-crafted tattoos. Whether you’re after a bold tribal tattoo, a beautiful floral mandala, a detailed photo-realistic artwork or a delicate fine-line piece, we apply the same amount of care and attention to detail to each tattoo. We’ll help you make a statement and preserve it forever.

From the moment you step into our Upper Mount Gravatt studio, you’ll know you’re in a place where creativity flourishes, and you’re allowed to express yourself. For more than 5,000 years, piercing has been a way to make a bold statement and express your individuality without saying a single word. People get piercings for all kinds of reasons: to stand out, to look cool, to show off their best features, as part of a tradition, and even to enhance sexual pleasure. At Celebrity Ink, you can get your piercings at Garden City in a purpose-built environment where you can feel right at home.

We have basic, intermediate and advanced piercing options available, ranging from simple ear piercings to more risque options like oral or nipple piercings, all the way to dermal and genital piercings that require exceptional control and expertise.

Whether your piercing is small or large, we take hygiene and safety seriously–no exceptions. Only trained professional piercers holding HLTINF005 Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration licences are able to carry your piercing out. We only use surgical steel-grade needles and never piercing mechanisms, even for simple ear lobes and cartilage jobs. Get in touch with Celebrity Ink to find out more about our piercings at Garden City.

Tattoos: Your Skin, Your Story

Chronicles Etched in Skin and Ink

The story of tattoos is a long and complex one stretching back more than 12,000 years. The art of tattooing is scattered across various cultures in a range of time periods throughout history. Look to the story of any civilisation, any culture on Earth, and you’ll find evidence of tattooing, whether for fashion, identity, aesthetics, religious faith or romantic devotion.

If you haven’t yet gotten your first tattoo, Celebrity Ink is proud to be the place where your story begins. If you’re coming back for more, we’re glad to play a part in your tattoo journey. Tattoos can tell your story to everyone you meet, or they can be private reminders,
but no matter what, getting one is a personal decision. It’s your skin, your story, your choice.Whether it’s a symbol of hope, love, memories, devotion or anything else you’re committed to, tattoos are an excellent way to reconnect with your roots, cherish your memories, demonstrate your commitment or honour your traditions. Book an appointment with Celebrity Ink to work with a tattoo artist who is as dedicated as you are to your skin and your story
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