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Here’s yet another reason to visit Phuket. On top of enjoying the pristine beaches, dynamic nightlife and budget-friendly (yet delicious) food, you can head to Celebrity Ink™ for a top-quality tattoo. No matter where you are in the world, Celebrity Ink™ will guarantee at our tattoo studios, you will have a first-class experience. Our tattoo studio in Phuket is a must-visit destination on your Thailand trip.

Celebrity Ink™ in Phuket is one of our two tattoo parlours in Thailand, and it’s located at 29 Bangla Rd Patong, Soi Kua Sub, district, Phuket 83150. A short walk away from Patong Beach and right in the heart of the restaurant, bar and nightclub action, Celebrity Ink™ in Phuket welcomes locals and travellers alike.

Whether you want a reminder of your holiday that will last a lifetime or a tattoo inspired by your memories, your passions or your dreams, Celebrity Ink™ in Phuket will work with you to celebrate what you care about most. We want to bring your story to life in the most vibrant way possible and do justice to your creative vision.

Our team of professional tattoo artists are dedicated to providing you with not only the highest quality of tattoo artwork but the best possible customer service experience too. Visit our Celebrity Ink™ tattoo parlour in Phuket to have the trip of a lifetime in Thailand.

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Immortalise Your Trip with Amazing Tattoos.

A visit to Celebrity Ink™’s tattoo studio in Phuket is a way to truly express yourself and make your trip one to remember. Our award-winning artists are here to make sure that your tattoo is one-of-a-kind and that it tells your own unique story.

As the largest Asia-Pacific tattoo brand, Celebrity Ink™ maintains the same high quality of work wherever in the world you’re getting your ink. We set standards around the globe for the quality of our designs and our artist’s technique. We also pride ourselves on the high standard of customer service we provide. Our biggest priority is your creative vision, and it’s that vision we work with you to express.

If you’re not quite sure what you want yet, that’s okay too. In our purpose-built, collaborative design zones, our artists take the time to discover the story you want to tell and how you want to represent it visually. We’re skilled and experienced in all kinds of tattoo styles, from classics like tribal tattoos and American Western style designs to mandalas and geometric patterns, to statements written in script. Step into our tattoo studio in Phuket during your Thailand trip and let the possibilities unfold.


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