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Queensland’s Gold Coast is known as a favourite holiday spot for celebrity visitors, and you can get a dose of the same treatment at our Celebrity Ink tattoo studio in Broadbeach.

We’re located in Shop GO.73 in the Oasis Shopping Centre on Victoria Ave, just a short walk away from one of the Gold Coast’s many spectacular stretches of beach. Our Broadbeach studio has an incredibly talented team of artists that specialise in a wide range of tattoo styles. We also have highly skilled cosmetic tattoo artists and piercers.

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At our tattoo parlour in Broadbeach, the Celebrity Ink team brings your vision for your tattoo to life in the most comfortable and welcoming environment possible. Whether you’re looking for the perfect piece of body art to portray your memories, dreams, passions, personal mantras, culture, beliefs or loved ones, we work with you to celebrate what you care about most. This meticulous focus on your stories is what creates a genuine connection between you, our artists and the art on your skin.

Our professional team of tattoo artists and piercers are committed to going all-in on creating the best possible experience for you in every way. At Celebrity Ink Broadbeach, we have set the standard for quality artistry, premium tattoos and exceptional customer experience. Find out for yourself when you drop into our tattoo shop in Broadbeach.

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The Celebrity Ink tattoo studio in Broadbeach offers a range of tattoo styles for anywhere on your body so that you can express yourself in a way that feels natural. Whether you’re interested in a small piece that you can easily cover or a big one that makes a bold statement, our tattoo artists are excited to guide you on your journey and bring your ink dreams to life.

We help you settle on the work of art that best suits your story and your personal style by drawing on our knowledge of the many different tattoo styles that have existed throughout history. As Asia-Pacific’s largest tattoo brand, the possibilities we can provide for you are just about endless. You can invite mindfulness and peace into your life with an intricate mandala tattoo, embrace traditional Japanese styles, show off your rock and roll side with the Sailor Jerry-style designs of Classic Americana or state a simple but powerful message with a custom script design.

Whichever type of tattoo you choose, we think you’ll be pleased with the results. Join the team at Celebrity Ink in Broadbeach in one of our purpose-built, collaborative design zones so you can tell us exactly what you’re after. When you leave our tattoo studio, we want you to step back out into the world with a newfound sense of confidence and satisfaction.

Piercings are a powerful way to express your individuality. You are your own person, and you can have it your own way when you show up to Celebrity Ink to get a piercing in Broadbeach.

How you explore your identity through piercings is up to you. Piercings have a number of useful purposes, including aesthetic ones. They can look cool, make a statement, accentuate your features, and create the image you wish to project, as well as be cultural or religious. Whether you’re after a simple ear piercing or in a place that's a little more complicated, Celebrity Ink has the expertise to carry it out efficiently for you in a sterile, purpose-built environment.

Your safety and comfort are always at the top of our priorities. A trained professional piercer holding an HLTINF005 Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration licence will perform any piercing you receive, wherever it is. Even for an easy earlobe piercing, we only use surgical steel-grade needles and never piercing mechanisms.

If you’ve got a piercing in mind, whether it is your first or fiftieth, our team at Broadbeach Celebrity Ink tattoo studio is friendly, supportive and ready to hear from you.

Tattoos: Your Skin, Your Story

Chronicles Etched in Skin and Ink

The story of tattoos is a long and complex one stretching back more than 12,000 years. The art of tattooing is scattered across various cultures in a range of time periods throughout history. Look to the story of any civilisation, any culture on Earth, and you’ll find evidence of tattooing, whether for fashion, identity, aesthetics, religious faith or romantic devotion.

If you haven’t yet gotten your first tattoo, Celebrity Ink is proud to be the place where your story begins. If you’re coming back for more, we’re glad to play a part in your tattoo journey. Tattoos can tell your story to everyone you meet, or they can be private reminders,
but no matter what, getting one is a personal decision. It’s your skin, your story, your choice.Whether it’s a symbol of hope, love, memories, devotion or anything else you’re committed to, tattoos are an excellent way to reconnect with your roots, cherish your memories, demonstrate your commitment or honour your traditions. Book an appointment with Celebrity Ink to work with a tattoo artist who is as dedicated as you are to your skin and your story
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