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Home to some of the most talented Gold Coast tattoo artists, Celebrity Ink™ first arrived in Surfers Paradise in 2017 after expanding from Thailand and has taken over the Gold Coast! With its endless white sand and glittering hotels, there’s more to the Gold Coast than just a day out at the beach.

Peek in through the floor-to-ceiling windows offering a full view of our tattooists at work; get inspired with our interactive touch screens for the best tattoo experience Gold Coast visitors and locals have come to expect! 

With tattoo studios from Coolangatta to Coomera, we’re truly the Gold Coast’s biggest and best tattoo brand! Our Gold Coast tattoo parlours offer:

Book a consult with one of our Gold Coast studios today and make a memory that will last a lifetime!


We’re the Gold Coast’s #1 tattoo brand! With 6+ tattoo studios from Coolangatta to Coomera and everywhere in between, we’re the only tattoo brand that has studios conveniently located in every corner of the city. Find a tattoo studio near you to book your next custom tattoo with one of our Gold Coast tattoo artists today:


There’s a reason we’re named Celebrity Ink. Every time you step inside one of our Gold Coast tattoo studios you’re the star of your own story and each and every client is treated like a VIP! From fine-line to black-and-grey, realism tattoo artists, our tattoo parlours are a safe and friendly space for everyone to ink it their way.

At every Celebrity Ink tattoo studio we set high standards so we can produce high-quality artistry with impeccable, medical-grade cleanliness and hygiene as expected when you choose a premium tattoo studio like Celebrity Ink! 

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Take on the world with tattoos that represent YOU.

Tattooing is an art form with a rich history spanning over 12,000 years, that’s evolved over time to now give us a plethora of tattoo styles to choose from. With some of the Gold Coast’s most talented tattoo artists, we feel confident that your new tattoo at Celebrity Ink will make an impact! Our tattoo studios on the Gold Coast are home to highly trained professionals who specialise in a range of styles including realism tattoos, fine-line tattoos, Polynesian tattoos, and more. Find a Gold Coast tattoo studio near you to complete your perfect piece!

Tattoo Trends and Popular Styles in Gold Coast

If you’re searching for the best tattoo places Gold Coast can provide, then only Celebrity Ink™ tattoo studios will do. Whether it’s a full-sleeve tattoo or a small minimalism tattoo you’ll walk away from our Gold Coast tattoo shops speechless.

Fine Line Tattoos

Fine line tattoos are distinguished by extremely thin, straight or curved lines with little to no shading or colour. The shape is the most important feature of these tattoos. Because a fine line tattoo is done using round liner needles, it is generally less painful than other bolder, thicker tattoo styles that require the skin to be penetrated deeper and for longer periods of time.

Traditional tattoos

Traditional tattoos, sometimes known as Classic Americana tattoos or Old School Traditional tattoos, are among the most popular western tattoo styles. When you tell your parents (or grandparents) you’re getting a tattoo, this is the first style that comes to mind; we’re talking pin-up girls and anchors,

Japanese tattoos

Tattoo trends come and go, but one design has remained popular for generations. Traditional Japanese tattoos are often referred to as Oriental tattoos. Think mythical beings, lotus flowers, Japanese language characters, and tsunami waves. Every tattoo has a compelling narrative to tell. Find your Japanese tattoo artist Gold Coast Celebrity Ink™ location nearest to you.

Watercolour Tattoos

Love watercolour paintings? This is the tattoo style for you! Watercolour tattoos are truly a work of art with limitless design possibilities to choose from. This tattoo style is all, about bright colours with subtle gradients that produce the impression of a watercolour painting!

Polynesian Tattoos

Another traditional form of tattooing is Polynesian tattoos which include Samoan tattoos, Maori tattoos, and of course what many call tribal tattoos. These tattoos are renowned for having thick black lines that carve out geometrical patterns, shapes and symbols in distinctive patterns.

Realism tattoos

A realism tattoo demonstrates a genuine dedication to excellent body art. The tattoo artist is actually engraving the world as you view it onto your flesh, so it should be something you truly adore! This is a timeless style that is ideal for capturing something or someone really specific, which includes both black & grey realism as well as full-colour realism.

Geometric tattoos

Considered rebellious, this bold location requires initial thought. Hand tattoos require a steady hand and fine detailing, something Celebrity Ink™ tattoo artists are well versed in.

Portrait tattoos

Portrait tattoos are a subgenre of realism tattoos and are the perfect way to honour someone important in your life. When done right, these tattoos are incredible pieces of art. The detail and skill level required by your realism tattoo artist to do a portrait tattoo mean you’ll be in the chair for a while so strap in!

Minimalist tattoos

Minimalistic tattoos are defined by their simplicity, understatement, and tiny size. You don’t need fancy designs to make a huge impact, and a minimal tattoo proves it. Your admirers will be envious of your minimalist tattoos, wondering what unlimited possibilities lay within the fine lines of your ink.

Neo Traditional tattoos

While neo-traditional tattoos (neo trad) focus on old-school themes, this style is known for its lush, ornamental elements. Traditional ink is all anchors and mermaids, whereas neo-traditional pieces allow you to ink anything from animals and flowers to skulls and street art.

Script tattoos

Forget about symbolism and instead use a personalised script tattoo to convey your message. To spell it out, use initials, a single word, or a full quote: there’s no hiding what your tattoo says. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility that your script tattoo holds a unique meaning for you.

Mandala tattoos

You’re welcoming peace, love, and mindfulness into your life when you get a mandala tattoo. Mandalas have been used in Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian cultures for ages as a form of meditation and art. Mandala tattoos are made up of shapes and symbols that radiate outwards from the centre, creating a beautiful and detailed pattern of geometrical fine lines.

Floral Tattoos

Flower tattoos are unquestionably one of the most popular tattoo designs when it comes to Gold Coast tattoo ideas. And it’s not without reason. Tattoos of flowers can be in any style, placed anywhere on the body, in any size, and in any colour. Flowers are frequently tattooed to represent something significant, but they don’t have to have any specific value to be a lovely addition to your body art.


Celebrity Ink™ studios play host to the most talented tattoo artists on the Gold Coast. If you want the best tattoo to help step into the spotlight and shine, then you want the Gold Coast’s best tattoo parlours!

Because of our open concept, bright studios with a family-friendly atmosphere, we have a larger majority of female tattoo artists than many other studios. In fact, we pride ourselves on having some of the best female tattoo artists Gold Coast has.

At Celebrity Ink™ everyone belongs – and this culture begins with our incredible team of artists. Unique to our Gold Coast tattoo studios is our huge number of award-winning tattoo artists as well as international artists bringing their experience from around the world.


At Celebrity Ink™ Gold Coast tattoo and piercing studios, we quote your tattoo based on the piece itself – not by the hour. This way, we can ensure a quality tattoo that you’ll love without rushing to finish or running over your budget.

Depending on your tattoo design, style, size, and placement on your body, we’ll work with you and your budget. If your tattoo feels a little out of reach on your current budget, we offer Inkpay and Afterpay for tattoos.

Step into the spotlight. It’s time for you to shine.


Ink It Now Pay Later

Ink it now, pay later at our Gold Coast tattoo studios! Everyone deserves the chance to get inked their own way, and that’s what Celebrity Ink is passionate about! Afterpay and Inkpay are just two of the interest-free payment options available at all of our Gold Coast tattoo parlours. Get a tattoo in the Gold Coast today and pay for it later, whether it’s a small design or a full sleeve our interest-free tattoo payment options have you covered.

Why we don’t do cheap tattoos

While a cheap tattoo artist may be tempting, remember that tattoos are permanent and you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for a high-quality tattoo, don’t just consider the price.

Many Celebrity Ink™ artists are international award-winning tattoo artists and are highly trained in their areas of expertise. The best tattoo places Gold Coast has to offer should be high quality at a reasonable price, which is what we’re all about! Book a design consultation with one of our local Gold Coast tattoo shops to get a quote today.

Gold Coast Tattoo FAQs

How much do tattoos cost in Gold Coast?

Every tattoo is unique and as such, there’s no one-size-fits-all tattoo price. A number of variables will determine the price of your tattoo including size, style, design, placement, and artist. Many tattoo studios will charge per hour, but at our Celebrity Ink™ Gold Coast tattoo studios all tattoo quotes are done up-front with no hidden costs. Book a free design consultation with one of our studios today.

How painful is a tattoo?

Are tattoos painful? The short answer is yes. However, it depends on the tattoo and where it’s placed. For example, a small, fine-line tattoo will hurt less than a full-colour sleeve tattoo. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, so if you’re unsure it’s a good idea to start with something small so you have a good idea as to what your unique pain threshold is. If you have any concerns about how painful your tattoo will be it’s best to chat with your artist during your Free design consultation.

Can you get walk-in tattoos on the Gold Coast?

You bet! If there is availability in-studio you can definitely get a walk-in tattoo. However, if you want the full Celebrity Ink™ tattoo experience we recommend making a booking so we can pair you with our best Gold Coast tattoo artists.

Can you get a tattoo while pregnant?

It’s recommended that you wait until post-pregnancy to be tattooed. At Celebrity Ink we do not tattoo individuals who are pregnant. This is for the health and safety of the individual and their unborn child.

How old do you have to be to get tattoos in Gold Coast?

You have to be at least 18 years of age to get a tattoo on the Gold Coast. Under Queensland law, it is illegal for a tattoo artist to tattoo anyone under 18 years of age.

At Celebrity Ink we maintain the right to refuse anyone who is underage or anyone who cannot produce proof of age ID. This is to protect you and our tattoo artists.

How long does it take for a tattoo to heal?

It generally takes between 2-6 weeks for your new tattoo to heal depending on the size, location and tattoo design. It can take up to 6 months for the ink to completely settle in the skin tissue. To ensure the best outcome we recommend following a tattoo aftercare routine.