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Located in Sunshine Plaza, Celebrity Ink™ Sunshine Plaza is home to an incredibly talented team of tattoo artists specialising in a wide variety of popular tattoo styles.

Our Celebrity Ink™Sunshine Plaza studio delivers best in class experiences designed to help bring your dream tattoo design to life. From your memories to passions to simply representing what you stand for, we work with you to celebrate what you care about most. At Celebrity Ink™ Sunshine Plaza, we care about bringing your story to life – truly delivering your creative vision.

Our professional team of tattoo artists and technicians are committed to going all-in on creating the best experience to ensure you truly make your mark in the most memorable way. At Celebrity Ink™ Sunshine Plaza, we have set the standard for quality artistry, premium tattoos and exceptional customer experience – find out for yourself why we’re the leading tattoo brand.

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With the help of our design team, bring the tattoos of your dreams to life. So, what is it going to be? Full sleeve tattoos, leg tattoos, full back tattoos, and, of course, small tattoos are all available at Celebrity Ink™ Sunshine Plaza. We exist to give shape to your tattoo ideas: at our studios, self-expression reigns supreme. Although tattoos are no longer considered taboo, you can still challenge the status quo! Head to Celebrity Ink™ Sunshine Plaza for the best tattoo Maroochydore has to offer.

Get that extra something with semi-permanent makeup! Wake up with flawless eyebrows, Instagram-worthy eyes, and kiss-proof lips thanks to cosmetic tattooing from Celebrity Ink™ Sunshine Plaza. You’ll always look your best when you leave the house. With Celebrity Ink™ Sunshine Plaza eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner tattoos, and lip tattoos, your face will speak for itself.

Tattoos: Your Skin, Your Story

Chronicles Etched in Skin and Ink

The story of tattoos is a long and complex one stretching back more than 12,000 years. The art of tattooing is scattered across various cultures in a range of time periods throughout history. Look to the story of any civilisation, any culture on Earth, and you’ll find evidence of tattooing, whether for fashion, identity, aesthetics, religious faith or romantic devotion.

If you haven’t yet gotten your first tattoo, Celebrity Ink is proud to be the place where your story begins. If you’re coming back for more, we’re glad to play a part in your tattoo journey. Tattoos can tell your story to everyone you meet, or they can be private reminders,
but no matter what, getting one is a personal decision. It’s your skin, your story, your choice.Whether it’s a symbol of hope, love, memories, devotion or anything else you’re committed to, tattoos are an excellent way to reconnect with your roots, cherish your memories, demonstrate your commitment or honour your traditions. Book an appointment with Celebrity Ink to work with a tattoo artist who is as dedicated as you are to your skin and your story
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