As the world’s leading tattoo brand, Celebrity Ink™ Tattoo studios operate globally, setting the standard for premium tattoos and customer experience while providing you the perfect platform to invest in your freedom of self expression.

With over 12,000 years of history, it’s hard to know what tattoo style will tell your story. Never fear, our Celebrity Ink™ tattoo artists are here to guide you on that journey of selecting the perfect tattoo style and placement.

Celebrity Ink™ tattoo artists are experts in their craft, passionate about collaborating and shinning a light on your story to help bring it to life. From traditional tattoos to black and grey wash, realism and oriental tattoos, just to mention a few. Our Celebrity Ink™ tattoo studios are home to some of the worlds most talented tattoo artists ready to complete your perfect piece.

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Your tattoo is forever, a personal and expressive piece representing a moment in your life. Knowing the importance of your tattoo, Celebrity Ink™ tattoo artists and studio staff are dedicated to delivering the highest quality tattoos.

From small fine line tattoos to detailed sleeve tattoos or large back pieces, the same amount of care and attention to detail is taken with each and every tattoo to ensure your experience is one you’ll remember.

Tattoo Styles

Selecting Your Artist

Celebrity Ink™ tattoo studios and their artists strive to create incredible art that accurately conveys your message and the story you are telling. During your initial FREE design consultation a Celebrity Ink™ studio manager will take the time to discuss your tattoo design and requirements before finding you the perfect tattoo artists to execute your new piece.

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Your skin, your story. Contact your closest Celebrity Ink™ tattoo studio to discuss how we can give shape to your ideas

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