Tattoo of the Year 2020

Published April 21, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

We’ve launched a worldwide search for Celebrity Ink’s Best Tattoo of the Year and we need YOUR help! 



Looking for some inspiration for your next tattoo? Look no further! 

We’ve created the ultimate one-stop-shop that brings the best of the best together for you to devour, delight and decide on the winning tattoo in Celebrity Ink’s Tattoo of the Year 2020!

Through their designs and craftsmanship, you’ll meet over 300 of our talented artists from the eight countries we operate in, battling it out for the glory as the reigning tattoo technician - we’re pitting country vs country, studio vs studio and artist vs artist to ultimately decide on who’s produced the best tattoo for 2020. 

Full Leg Tattoo


Through a series of heats, you’ll fall in love with all our tattoo styles, from realism to mandala, trash polka to watercolour and so much more. There’s seriously nothing that our artists can’t do. 

We’re so proud to show you that it’s our tattoo quality that drives what we do every day.

This is the best look book you’ll ever find when it comes to finding the best tattoo ideas and inspiration!



tattoo shop franchise

Have your say on who should win while the competition is still open - simply follow us on our Facebook page. For every vote you make, you have the chance to win a free tattoo from the winning artist, so get following and get voting - this is going to be EPIC!

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