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The Perth tattoo scene is packed full of talented artists and at Celebrity Ink we’re proud to say we have some of the best in the west! 

With 25+ studios in 5 countries across 6 continents, Celebrity Ink is a truly global tattoo brand that’s renowned for its transcendent tattoo experiences. Our Perth tattoo parlours offer:

Celebrity Ink’s Perth tattoo studios offer a range of services including:

While we accept walk-in tattoos in our Perth studio we recommend booking a complimentary design consult to make your dream tattoo a reality!


Our flagship Perth location, Celebrity Ink Carousel, sits in the heart of Cannington at Westfield Carousel. Our talented local and international artists ink clients from every corner of the city and are some of the best tattoo artists in Western Australia.


Located in Westfield Carousel, Celebrity Ink™ Carousel is home to an incredibly talented team of tattoo artists specialising in a wide variety of popular tattoo styles. Our Celebrity Ink™ Carousel studio prides itself in delivering best in class experiences designed to help every body achieve their own creative vision through self expression.

Book a complimentary design consultation to start planning out your next custom tattoo in Perth.



Celebrity Ink is Australia’s largest tattoo company, with 25+ studios across the country, including one studio in Perth. When it comes to deciding on the perfect tattoo for you, our complimentary consultations ensure that we understand your priorities and match you with a tattoo artist that’s right for you.

Celebrity Ink will provide you with an unforgettable tattoo experience! Unlike other tattoo parlours, we prioritise YOU and creating the one-of-a-kind tattoo Perth clients like. Our professional tattoo artists pour their hearts and souls into designing the perfect piece of art for your body, whether it’s a small, minimalist tattoo or a large realistic piece.

We’re called Celebrity Ink for a reason. You are treated like a celebrity every time you enter one of our tattoo studios! Every client is a VIP to us, and we are dedicated to providing you with the very best tattoo experience in Perth.

We set strict standards at each Celebrity Ink tattoo studio so that we can achieve high-quality artistry with excellent, medical-grade cleanliness and hygiene, as you would expect from a premium tattoo studio like Celebrity Ink!




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Take on the world with tattoos that represent YOU.

Tattooing has a rich history with traces of the art form spanning back 12,000 years. We’ve evolved from the simplicity of a primitive tattoo to a plethora of styles and colours that we see today. Feel confident with your choice of tattoo studio with Celebrity Ink.

Our Perth tattoo studios are home to some of Western Australia’s best tattoo artists with talented international tattooists and guest tattoo artists who are bringing their own artistic styles not seen in tattoo shops in Perth. Whether you’re looking for a large detailed tattoo or a small delicate piece of art, you won’t find a better studio in Perth than Celebrity Ink to complete your perfect tattoo.

Perth Tattoo Trends and Popular Styles

Our Perth tattoo studios’ talented artists have the skills and ability to offer a wide choice of styles. From fine line and minimalist tattoos to geometric and traditional American tattoos, our tattoo artists can bring your tattoo ideas to life!

Fine Line Tattoos

Fine line tattoos have very thin, straight or curved lines with little to no shading or colour. The shape of these tattoos is the most crucial aspect. A fine-line tattoo is generally less painful than other bolder, thicker tattoo styles.

Traditional tattoos

Traditional tattoos are timeless works of art with bold lines and brilliant colours! They’re also kind of our speciality. Traditional tattoos are among the most popular western tattoo styles. Also known as Classic Americana tattoos or Old School Traditional tattoos, this is the first style that springs to mind when you tell your parents you’re getting a tattoo. We’re talking pin-up gals and anchors but traditional tattoos can also incorporate some amazing elements.

Japanese tattoos

Sometimes known as Oriental tattoos, Traditional Japanese tattoos are renowned for their storytelling characteristics. Oriental tattoos feature patterns and designs from Asian civilisations. Oriental tattoo design elements include lotus flowers, cheerful blossoms, temples, koi fish, samurai warriors, and dragons.

Realism tattoos

Think about having your favourite photo etched on your body. Realism tattoos are precisely that! Portraits of loved ones, celebrities, or even your pet can be featured in realism tattoos, as can gorgeous landscapes or treasured object. The key requirement for realism tattoos is that they look as near to photorealistic as possible.

Geometric tattoos

Geometric tattoos take the simplest forms and patterns and turn them into limitless designs that consist of clean, sharp, bold lines and curves. These intricate and elegant tattoos necessitate an almost unnatural level of precision from the tattoo artist and the results are absolutely spectacular!

Portrait tattoos

Portrait tattoos are a subtype of realism tattoos that are ideal for honouring someone special in your life. When done correctly, these tattoos are works of art. Because of the detail and skill level required by your realism tattoo artist to accomplish a portrait tattoo, you’ll be in the chair for quite some time, so buckle up!

Minimalist tattoos

Minimalistic tattoos are distinguished by their elegance, simplicity, and small size. A minimalist tattoo demonstrates that you don’t need extravagant designs to create a big impression. You know what they say: less is more sometimes! Minimalist tattoos are basic but striking patterns that typically consist of plain black lines with little or no shading.

Neo Traditional tattoos

Neo-traditional tattoos (or neo-trad) are renowned for their lush, ornamental components that are based on old-school concepts. Traditional ink is all about anchors and mermaids, whereas neo-traditional ink can be used to ink anything from animals and flowers to skulls and graffiti art.

Script tattoos

Custom script tattoos are one of the most popular and well-known tattoo styles. With Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, and Japanese letter tattoo styles, they’re ideal for conveying your message. You can use initials, a single phrase, or a lengthy statement to spell it out. There’s no hiding what your tattoo says with a script tattoo!

Mandala tattoos

When you get a mandala tattoo, you’re bringing peace, love, and mindfulness into your life. Mandalas have long been utilised as a form of meditation and art in Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian cultures. Mandala tattoos are composed of forms and symbols that radiate from the centre, forming a beautiful and detailed pattern of geometrical fine lines.

Watercolour Tattoos

Do you love watercolour paintings? This is your tattoo style!Bright colours with subtle gradients give the appearance of a watercolour painting in this tattoo style! Watercolour tattoos are beautiful pieces of art with endless design options.

Polynesian Tattoos

Polynesian tattoos, which include Samoan tattoos, Maori tattoos, and what many refer to as tribal tattoos, are another traditional kind of tattooing. These tattoos are well-known for their strong black lines that carve out geometrical patterns, forms, and symbols in unique designs.

We're the best Perth Tattoo Artists

Celebrity Ink carefully selects exceptional artists to provide the best tattoos Perth has to offer. Celebrity Ink’s tattoo artists are masters in a variety of styles, including fine-line and minimalist tattoos, oriental and script tattoos, and everything in between.

Our professional resident and guest artists are dedicated to excellent tattooing and can assist you in creating custom designs and custom pieces that display your distinct flair.

Our cutting-edge studios celebrate artists from all walks of life and live in a welcoming environment for all of our clients. If you’re looking for a female tattoo artist in Perth, go no further than Celebrity Ink!

Visit your local Celebrity Ink™ tattoo studio and have one of our experienced artists create a custom design and custom piece that will showcase your unique style.

Tattoo Prices & Payment Options

To ensure we continue to provide the best tattoo experiences in Perth we do pricing a little differently. At Celebrity Ink tattoo studios we quote all our tattoos as they should be – unique pieces of art. 

Generally, tattoo shops will quote by the hour but we look at each and every tattoo differently and price based on the design. That way you don’t need to worry about unexpected costs and our artists can work their magic to create your perfect piece of body art.

If your tattoo doesn’t quite fit in your budget, we offer also offer interest free tattoo payment options including Inkpay, which is similar to Afterpay and ZipPay.

Tattoo Prices & Payment Options
Tattoo Prices & Payment Options

Ink It Now Pay Later

Ink it now pay later at our Perth tattoo studios! 

Everyone deserves the opportunity to ink it their way, and Celebrity Ink is all about that! At all Australian Celebrity Ink tattoo studios we offer Inkpay and Afterpay. Whether it’s a small design or a whole sleeve, our interest-free tattoo payment options give you flexible payment options for your new ink.

Why we don’t do cheap tattoos

We engage with exceptional, highly trained, professional artists at the height of their craft. While a cheap tattoo may sound appealing, keep in mind that tattoos are permanent and you often get what you paid for.

Rest assured that we are committed to offering our clients with high-quality tattoos at an affordable price.

Perth Tattoo FAQs

How much do tattoos cost in Perth?

Because each tattoo is unique, there is no one-size-fits-all tattoo price. The price of your tattoo will be determined by a number of factors, including size, style, design, placement, and artist. Many tattoo studios charge by the hour, but at our Celebrity Ink Perth tattoo studios, all tattoo quotes are provided upfront, with no hidden fees. Make an appointment for a free design consultation with one of our studios now.

Do tattoos hurt?

Is it painful to get a tattoo? The quick answer is yes. However, it is dependent on the tattoo and its location. A small, fine-line tattoo, for example, will hurt less than a full-colour sleeve tattoo. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, so if you’re unsure, start with something simple to have a solid understanding of what your individual pain threshold is. If you’re worried about how painful your tattoo will be, talk to your artist during your free design session.

Can you get walk-in tattoos in Perth?

Sure thing! You can definitely get a walk-in tattoo if there is availability in the studio. If you want the full Celebrity Ink tattoo experience, we recommend making a reservation so that we can pair you with our top Perth tattoo artists.

Can you get a tattoo while pregnant?

It’s recommended that you wait until after your pregnancy to get tattooed. At Celebrity Ink™ we do not tattoo individuals who are pregnant. This is for the health and safety of the individual and their unborn child.

How old do you have to be to get tattoos in Perth?

In Western Australia, a person under the age of 16 is not allowed to be tattooed on any part of their body. Children over the age of 16 can be tattooed, as long as the parent has provided written consent for a specific tattoo. This written consent MUST have a description of the tattoo they are giving consent for and specify where the tattoo is to be located on their child’s body.

At Celebrity Ink we maintain the right to refuse anyone who is underage or anyone who cannot produce proof of age ID. This is to protect both you and our tattoo artists.

For more information visit wa.gov.au.

How long does it take for a tattoo to heal?

Depending on the size, location and tattoo design it can take between 2-6 weeks for it to heal. It’s important to note that it can take up to 6 months for the ink to completely settle into the skin tissue. To ensure the best results we recommend following a tattoo aftercare routine.