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11 Ways to Have Fun in Phuket

Published February 17, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

If it’s a tropical beach holiday you’re after, then there’s no place like Phuket. 

There’s something for everyone here with the islands many beaches offering varied experiences to suit different people. There are stunning beaches, nightlife which continues into the next day, water sports, extreme sports, shopping, festivals and secluded luxury retreats.

Here’s a taste of what’s on offer. 

    11. Patong Beach

Patong’s beaches perfectly represent Phuket’s culture: buzzing with activity, teeming with life, and with no shortage of stuff to do.

Patong is where the action is, with activities galore: jet skiing, waterfront restaurants, shopping, bars, parasailing and more. Come for the natural beauty and relaxing ocean breeze, and stay for the high octane fun. You might as well give it a go while you’re here, right?

    10. Full-Moon Parties

Phuket doesn’t need much convincing to throw a party, but if you’re looking for a regular bash, visit Paradise Beach during the full moon. 

Depending on when you visit, you can also catch a half-moon party - they’re just as good! Both celebrations offer an epic hub of activity under the light of the moon: drinks, live music from renowned DJs, fire performers and, of course, dancing the night away.

Tickets start at 800 THB for basic access, but higher priced tickets will get you some bonuses like free drinks, access to lockers, complementary tank tops and even free beach access for the day afterwards.

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    9. Bangla Road

Day or night, rain or shine, Bangla Road (or ‘Soi Bangla’) will always be the premier destination for shopping, bars, restaurants or more in Patong. The road itself is a microcosm of Thailand, squeezed into a single strip and full to the brim with activity.

Bars are one of the premium attractions, with entire lanes (known as ‘Soi’) packed with beer bars, each with their own theme and vibe. Bangla Road is also a premium spot to get some shopping done, with open stalls and shopping centres lining the sides of the street and enthusiastic shop owners vying for your attention. 

For a slightly more chilled experience, visit the OTOP Shopping Paradise for a good mix of shops and stalls. This is where you’ll find Celebrity Ink™ open for business!

By night, Bangla becomes even more buzzing as people flock to the discos, nightclubs and live music venues. Most of these are open air, so you don’t need to worry about cramming into a humid room while you sample one of the many, many beer bars.

Even just walking down Bangla Road is a feast for the senses, with fire shows, musicians and all kinds of other street performers adding flavour to this unique and vibrant hotspot.

    8. Bangla Boxing Stadium

If you’re ready to take a break from beer and shopping, the Bangla Boxing Stadium can offer something a little bit different.

Muay Thai is an intense combat sport that originated in Thailand, and is one of the country’s most popular sporting pastimes. There are boxing stadiums in both Patong and Bangla, although the Bangla stadium is more central and a lot easier to find. Tickets of any price will get you fairly close to the action, and drinks are available inside.

As with pretty much any martial art, Muay Thai can get pretty intense, so come prepared for things to get hairy in the ring. Nonetheless, “the art of eight limbs” makes for a fantastic spectator sport if you score some good seats, and it’s definitely worth checking out as a break from Bangla’s hectic street culture.

    7. Freedom Beach

Given the hubbub of the main Patong area, the tranquility of Freedom Beach comes as a pleasant surprise. Just a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Patong Beach, Freedom Beach offers a more chilled vibe, with far fewer crowds and calmer waters. 

Unless you’re up for a decent trek through the forest (generally not advisable), you’ll need to pay a longtail boat pilot to get you there. The beach itself is only accessible for half the year and a 200 THB fee to enter.

Visiting from December to June, and keen to get away from the crowds? Simply find yourself a longtail boat pilot, pay the fee (usually around 1300 THB), and just 15 minutes later you’ll be relaxing in a tropical paradise. 

While there, you can rent chairs, eat and drink at the restaurant, and engage in one of the areas more popular pastimes: snorkelling. The waters of Freedom Beach are some of the clearest around, so bring your own gear or hire some before you set off. Then kick back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful sights of the ocean while you swim in crystalline waters - sans jet skis!

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    6. The Flying Hanuman

Lying on the beach, chilling at a bar or  browsing the shops and stalls are all great for rest and relaxation, but sometimes a bit more of an adventure is in order. 

If you’re seeking an adrenaline rush without getting yourself lost in a jungle, you’ll want to experience the Flying Hanuman. More than a simple zipline, it’s actually a series of ziplines covering 80,000 square metres of untouched rainforest. 

Choose from a number of different journey types and lengths (with food packages available), after which you’ll be led through the course by a trained guide. Courses include boardwalks, sky bridges, spiral staircases, abseil points, amazing views of Phuket and the famous zip lines, all suspended over a vibrant, lush environment.

Perhaps the best thing of all is that it’s all eco-friendly, with the beautiful rainforest below perfectly preserved and undisturbed by all the high-flying thrills.

    5. Jungle Bungy Jump

Let’s say that zip lines and sky bridges aren’t enough of a thrill for you, an intrepid explorer and adrenaline junkie.

How about a bungy jump? Make that a jungle bungy jump that’ll see you plunge from fifty metres above a sparkling lagoon surrounded by lush forests. It’s only a twenty-minute trip away from the centre of Phuket. The jump is held to strict safety standards and offers incredible views of the local area from the platform. 

You can choose a tandem jump (the ‘drag a friend down with you’ option), and decide whether or not you get dunked at the bottom. Tip: we can definitely recommend that option as a refreshing finisher. There’s also a ‘catapult’ bungy experience, for if you want to be launched from the ground.

Just remember: while Phuket is a fantastic place for all sorts of delicious cuisine, you may want to hold off on any big meals until after you’ve taken the plunge. 

    4. Kata Beach

If you’re keen to spend your time in Phuket somewhere a little more upscale, Kata Beach is the place for you. This place is great for those seeking some of Phuket’s classiest bars and fine foods. If you would prefer to avoid the nightlife and partying scene, this is a great place to unwind and enjoy yourself.

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    3. Wat Doi Thepnimit

This Buddhist temple is located high above Patong Beach, offering a great view of the town and coastal area. It’s a relatively new temple, with the colours beautifully painted and vibrant, visible through the surrounding jungle for miles.

At Wat Doi Thepnimit you’ll find a number of gleaming sculptures, including the seven-headed naga and the Chedi. The grounds aren’t large and you won’t be spending a massive amount of time here, but the architecture alone definitely makes it worth the trek up the hill. 

Just remember that it’s a sacred location, still used by monks and nuns, and visitors are required to remove their shoes before coming inside. 

    2. Rare Flora and Fauna

Phuket is a brilliant destination for nature lovers, and not just because of the gorgeous beaches and forests.

If you want to see some of Thailand’s native flora and fauna, there are a number of options around Patong and Phuket. The Phuket Aquarium in Wichit can make for a great day out with the family, with over thirty tanks full of all kinds of sea life, and several immersive glass tunnels. 

Or head to Chalong to see the Phuket Botanical Gardens, with a number of rare plant species on display in idyllic surrounds. In the same area, you’ll find the Phuket Bird Park, a spacious sanctuary where you can get up close and personal with hundreds of different species of all colours, with regular shows for guests.

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