7 Creative Tattoo Ideas for Couples

Published February 14, 2023
By Celebrity Ink

Tattoos are a form of self-expression and a way to commemorate important moments in our lives. Sharing a tattoo with someone special only adds to the sentimental value of the ink. When honouring your special someone, there is nothing better than a creative and meaningful tattoo. From matching symbols to identical designs, there are plenty of possibilities out there when trying to find the perfect design for you and your special someone. 

So, whether you're looking for inspiration or just want to admire some beautiful ink, you've come to the right place! Here are our favourite ideas to inspire your tattoo design:

  1. Matching tattoos: This is a popular choice for couples who want to show their love and commitment. Matching tattoos can be anything from a simple symbol or a more elaborate design, allowing you to carry a permanent reminder of your relationship wherever you go. 
Matching tattoos 1
Matching tattoo 2

2. Love quotes or lyrics: A love quote or lyrics from a romantic song can make for a sweet and meaningful tattoo. Whether it's a phrase in your own handwriting or a line from a favourite song, these type of tattoos are the perfect way to mark your relationship with some ink in a more personal way.

3. Hearts: Hearts are a timeless symbol of love and are a popular choice for Valentine's Day tattoos. Hearts can be incorporated into a variety of designs, from simple outlines to intricate patterns and can incorporate other elements such as flowers, wings, or infinity symbols.

4. Initials: Initials of your significant other or a combination of both of your initials are a classic way to show your love. These tattoos are usually simple and can be placed anywhere on your body.

5. Couple's portrait: A couple's portrait tattoo is a unique and personalised way to celebrate your love. A portrait tattoo can be a simple sketch or an intricate piece of artwork that captures your love story.

6. Love symbols: There are many symbols associated with love, such as infinity signs, cupid arrows, or complimentary designs. A tattoo that incorporates one of these symbols can be a meaningful way to show your love.

The infinity symbol represents a never-ending commitment, making it a popular choice for couples’ tattoos. You can get a simple infinity symbol, or choose a design that incorporates other elements that were remarkable for your relationship, such as the coordinates of where you met or your partner’s initials.

7. Friendship tattoos: tattoos are a great opportunity to celebrate the love and bonds of friendship. If you're single, a tattoo is perfect to show your appreciation for your closest friends and make a lasting statement of your bond.

There are many different types of friendship tattoos to choose from. You could get matching tattoos with your friends, like a simple heart or something remarkable from your friendship. Another option is to get tattoos that represent your individual personalities, but that still complement each other.

Regardless of what you choose, getting a friendship tattoo with your besties is a fun and unique way to celebrate your relationship. Not only will you have a permanent reminder of your bond, but you'll also have a special memory to look back on for years to come.

Tattoos are a beautiful and meaningful way to show your love to your special someone. Whether you choose a simple or complex design, a tattoo is a permanent reminder of the love you share and the memories you’ve made together. So why not consider getting a tattoo that celebrates your love and commitment to each other?

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