Why Women Are Getting Cosmetic Tattoos for Self-Confidence

Published October 2, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

Confidence is incredibly attractive.

In fact, according to EmpowerWomen.org, wearing makeup can be very, well empowering!

Having the power to change your appearance can have very positive effects.

That's because wearing makeup doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as having a good self-image, but it can go a long way in helping you express yourself. 

Cosmetic tattoos for self-confidence have been around for years, and although they seem more popular in women, men get them too.

The more confident you are to express your unique self the greater your achievements will be.

No matter who you are.

But makeup can have its ups and downs, with costs adding up and not to mention how long it can take every single day.

Enter cosmetic tattoos for self-confidence.

Cosmetic tattooing can have a tremendous impact on your psychological and emotional wellbeing.

It not only boosts your self-confidence but it makes self-care a priority.

You will naturally feel more confident about yourself and the tasks at hand when you present a fresher look to the world.

Beauty trends come and go, but it seems cosmetic tattooing is on the rise.

There are many people keen to correct insecurities, practice self-love and simply regain precious time in the day. 

This semi-permanent form of makeup involves insertion of safe colour pigments into the dermis layer of the skin much like getting a regular tattoo. 

It instantly improves the appearance of features giving definition to the eyebrows, eyes and lips. 

If you have light or no eyebrows, an eyebrow tattoo can help.

Similarly, defining your smile can be done with a coloured lip tattoo and it can reduce lipstick bleed.

Who can get cosmetic tattooing?

Anyone over the age of 18 can have a cosmetic tattoo and both males and females are utilising this service. 

Outside of cosmetic tattoos for self-confidence, there are other reasons to consider this service. If you;

  • have poor eyesight and are unable to apply makeup
  • suffer from allergies or skin conditions
  • are too busy and want to regain a sense of calm 
  • have unsteady hands
  • play sport and sweat a lot
  • have thinning eyebrows 
  • have lost your hair due to chemo treatment for cancer 

Known to last for several years, it will only require maintenance visits every so often.

Makeup that you can wear all day and night for years to come has to be empowering!

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