Ever Considered A Hair Tattoo? It’s Helping Balding Men (And Women) The World Over!

Published September 3, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

With so many people suffering from hair loss (both male and female), Scalp Micropigmentation can be a real confidence booster! Scalp Micropigmentation (otherwise known as SMP) can give the appearance of a head full of hair or it can work towards concealing scars with a special tattooing technique. 

Through SMP, we use many microdots in different ink shades to “fill out”or cast shadows on the scalp to create a natural looking head of hair.

Is it for you?

If you are looking for an affordable hair loss solution, SMP can’t make your hair regrow, but it can help visually restore your receding hairline.  It can put tone in thinning hair areas and help to reduce the contrast between hair and skin, and can also help reduce the appearance of your scars by using small colour-matched hair follicles. The best thing? It can offer instant results.

The process of restoration could benefit those who have suffered from cancer, alopecia, male and female pattern baldness and thinning hair.

How long will it take and is it going to hurt?

Just like any tattoo procedure, the pain level all depends on your tolerance.  A numbing agent can also be applied which can dull any pain involved. You may require a few sessions as the approach to SMP is to create a layered effect but again, talk to your SMP tattoo specialist to see what they think will be involved for your particular situation.

How should I prepare for the procedure?

As with any tattoo procedure, you do need to do some preparation ahead of the procedure. 

  • Wash well as you won’t be able to do this for at least a few days after your tattoo and if you sweat excessively, make sure you discuss this with your SMP tattoo specialist to work out a plan
  • Avoid sun exposure before your treatments
  • Eat well, hydrate and avoid the use of alcohol.  You will not be treated should you be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Keep your skin well moisturised in the months leading up to your treatment as dry skin can lose its pigmentation quicker

What does my aftercare look like?

  • Avoid excessive heat, swimming or steam sauna rooms or take extremely hot showers
  • Do not exfoliate
  • Do not sunbake or expose your head to the sun for at least 4 to 5 days between your treatments and then you should slowly introduce the sun again.  Once you have had your final treatment, do not expose your head to the sun for 28 days. Use an SPF 30-50.

How long will it last?

SMP is considered to be semi-permanent.  The effects can last for many years but as the skin naturally exfoliates, some areas may fade more than others. Don’t worry, it’s a simple process to re-apply.

A skilled practitioner can give you a confidence boost, and did you know Celebrity Ink™  can make this a reality for you? Make an appointment today to chat to our SMP specialists and to find out more.

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