Happy Father’s Ink! A Tattoo Tribute To Our Dads

Published November 16, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

Push the idea of socks and jocks to the back of your mind this Father’s Day. Here’s how you can get Dad’s approval of your new tattoo...make it a tribute to him and that will change his mind! 

In a world gone mad, it’s time to stop and smell the roses this Father’s Day and celebrate what you have with your Dad. It’s difficult to describe the relationship between a father and child; dads are generally hard on the outside and soft and squishy on the inside when it comes to their kids. The beautiful bond we share with our father is unique - no matter what age we are or they are, they continually offer their wisdom, their guidance, their presence and of course, their Dad Jokes! 

Whether it be in person, online or in Memorium, perhaps Father’s Day this year is a good time to honour the man who raised you, or if you are a Dad yourself, embrace being a father and memorialise it forever.


Father's Day Tattoo Tribute

Father's Day Tattoo
Father's Day Tattoo, Celebrity Ink


If you are thinking of getting a tattoo done to celebrate your father or fatherhood, check out these cool design ideas:

  • Got a copy of a childhood drawing of your Dad or one from your child? Get that inked on you for a tattoo which is unlike any other
  • The child’s foot or handprint casting with dates is a classic but a fave for many new fathers
  • Father and son/daughter hand holding is a sentimental plus!
  • Family names in script
  • Family Trees ground you in your roots
  • Use Dad’s interests and hobbies and incorporate them into a piece or a full sleeve
  • A portrait of your Dad’s face will be as unique as a fingerprint - a beautiful tribute

Being a parent yourself doesn’t mean you have to give up your individuality and doesn’t mean you can’t still honour your Dad. Check out this list of tributes for father/son and father/daughter here. 

Or check out this list of the top 50 tattoo styles and designs throughout the course of history such as 3D ink, abstract, ambigram, anatomical, biomechanical, chicano, glow in the dark (yes using UV ink) mandala’s, new school, old school, geometric and more to give you inspiration for you to put your unique Father’s Day spin on it.

Our artists have helped thousands of people just like you celebrate their Dad or those that have become a Dad, so book a consultation for your next tattoo at Celebrity Ink™ and create a piece as unique as your memory is.


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