Ink For Strength – How Tattoos Can Build Self Confidence

Published June 16, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

Move over meditation tapes and walking over hot coals - getting a tattoo could be the answer to finding the new you! 

Tattoos can be a symbol of hope and a reminder of your inner strength. Adorning your body with a tattoo can mark a significant occasion, be it to commemorate the end of a relationship or the beginning of a new one, or perhaps it’s the end of a certain behavior or a new approach. Whatever the trigger, a well-placed tattoo can be a constant reminder to remember the past, but always look forward.

In the US, a survey of 2395 students found four or more tattoo survey respondents had significantly higher self-esteem than those with less tattoos. The survey results found this to be especially true of those who had indicated a history of depression. One explanation for this is that receiving a tattoo gives you control over your body and mind. That is empowering in itself. Now think about bottling that feeling and coupling it with a symbol that can truly act as a reminder of your inner strength.

The tattoo experience

Many people talk of the endorphin rush they experience when getting their tattoo. This feel-good release at the time of getting a tattoo can help to contribute towards self-confidence. Equivalent to the boost and joy you feel when getting a new outfit or hairdo or being complimented on your accomplishments, a tattoo can offer the same feeling, but it can last so much longer! Doing something you’ve always wanted to do can bring you a sense of pride, satisfaction, accomplishment and enjoyment. 

Have you heard of people saying they can’t wait to get their next tattoo? This anticipation is a great way to distract unwanted energy and focus on positive, proactive areas that are within your control in life. This anticipation also points to the release of endorphins and adrenaline which can make one feel euphoric. 

Whether you have the blues or suffer from a more serious mental health issue, tattoos can remind you that whilst the struggle is real, it’s also an essential part of growth and you will overcome it! 

Symbolic tattoos

Symbolic tattoos such as mountain peaks can remind you “there is no mountain high enough that could keep you from getting to the other side”, or meditative tattoos designs such as The Sri Yantra can put you in a contemplative mood giving you peace and tranquillity just by looking at it. If you need a reminder that harmony is possible, a tattoo can do just that. Musician/ singer/ producer/ actor, Ed Sheeran, has a tattoo of a phoenix rising from the ashes inked on his forearm and once said that whenever he looks at it, it gives him hope.

The commitment to the permanency of a tattoo can be a healing process in itself. Confronting a trauma by putting a reminder of it, or your growth from it, can be an empowering tool to build self-confidence. There’s hope in tattooing too. Project Semicolon encourages discussion around mental health and suicide, for both those suffering and their family and friends. The idea of writing a semicolon on your wrist, says you are not finished yet; you don’t end a sentence with a semicolon. There’s solidarity in this worthy reminder. 

Where you get your tattoo can also help to improve your self confidence. Tattoos can draw the eye away from areas you don’t want to receive attention to body parts and personality traits that we value most. By the same reasoning, our self-image and self-worth can improve.

Tattoos for stress relief

There is evidence to suggest that therapeutic tattoos aid in relieving stress. It’s no secret that acupressure is a widely acceptable form of medicine used to release stress amongst other ailments. Ötzi, the 5,300-year old mummified “Iceman,” has a total of 57 tattoos marked in groups on his lower back, ankles, behind his right knee and around his left wrist. According to researchers, 80 percent of these tattoos are unique to Chinese acupuncture points used to treat various ailments. You can’t argue with this ancient practice which could also aid in stress release, ultimately boosting one’s mental health.

So, the next time, you are wanting a self-esteem boost, remember that tattoos can build self-confidence, both in the moment and for years and decades to come. Consider a more permanent reminder that hope and strength are within you. For consultations contact our team at your nearest studio. 


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