Our Five Fave Quizzes To Help You Choose Your Next Tattoo

Published June 10, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

Whether it’s your first tattoo or you are trying to find a square inch of skin to add to your collection, how do you get inspiration to choose your next tattoo? Let’s not downplay something that is with you for life! It’s a constant reminder painted right there on your canvas, so it’s personal and you want it to have meaning, right?

Maybe you already have some inspo from your favourite celebrity, or perhaps one of your good friends has dope designs. Maybe you’ve hit Pinterest to create your own tattoo mood board or you’re going down the spiritual path by consulting your astrology chart.  If music is your first love, then perhaps you should “tatts lyrical” - the words to your favourite song make a great lyrical tattoo.

So you’ve literally tried everything to choose your next tattoo that mixes the right blend of artistry and meaning and you’re still getting nothing? Then why not let the internet do the designing for you? Afterall, it decides everything else in our lives! We’ve pulled out our 5 favourite quizzes to help you pick your next tattoo if all else fails...

1) Featured on Buzzfeed, this tattoo quiz was pretty accurate!  It’s the only quiz which gave me a tattoo on my forearm instead of my back or butt! Oh, it also told me I have impeccable aesthetic taste so that may have swayed it’s number 1 poll position on our 5 fave quizzes!


2) If your zodiac sign rules all your decisions,  this is one “Elle” of a tatt quiz!  Let your Horoscope do the talking and your ink design be written in the stars!

3)  11 easy but interesting questions with a skew on lifestyle choices. Colours, lucky numbers and  “are you the wallflower or life of the party” type questions will navigate you toward your ultimate tattoo style.


4) If you’re an outspoken and stubborn as heck personality type, this quiz says you are strong enough for a needle to the bone tatt behind your ear! A “scientific” personality quiz provides visuals for stimuli. It considers tattoo types and where to place it.


5) Last butt not least....a beauty on your booty? I thought I’d have a tattoo on my arm, but this amusing quiz had designs on giving me a smiley face on my butt. Food for thought...


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