Spotlight On Mikey: What Artists Are Doing In Isolation

Published June 3, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

So what have our tattoo artists been up to in isolation? Since our Celebrity Ink™ studios around the world were forced to close their doors after COVID-19 hit, you would think our artists have had nothing to do.

Think again!

Our artists have been spending a lot of time getting creative and working on their skills, perfecting certain tattoo styles and creating new designs.

This month we chatted with Mikey who works on the Gold Coast, and asked him what he’s been up to since being confined to his home.

Time in isolation has been productive

Mikey says he’s been impatiently waiting in isolation for the studio to re-open so he can start inking some new designs onto his clients.

“During isolation I’ve been busy spending time with my family and designing tattoos I want to do when the studio opens again,” he says.

Mikey, who is originally from Italy but has been living in Australia for more than a decade, says the down time has challenged him financially, but inspired him creatively.

“I’ve always been interested in print production but working long days in the studio and being busy with the kids took up all my time. COVID-19 has given me the chance to go into my studio at home and create on print again,” he says.

Getting creative with cash flow

Isolation also means he’s had to get creative with his art supplies.

“I couldn't spend money on new paints, so I used the previous tattoo ink I had here already, and simply mixed it with water. It actually created the same effect as watercolour paints, something which I discovered by trial and error,” he explained.

Through the watercolour designs, Mikey says he’s created some new print designs he’s fallen in love with.

“I love Japanese style prints and the ones I’m creating are looking great with watercolour,” he explains. “My favourite piece is a Japanese body suit silhouette. Bright colours are also a favourite, but I’ve been using black and grey a lot as I can only work with the ink colours I have on hand.”

When the studios reopen

Mikey adds that COVID-19 has given him ample time to work on his portfolio which he is going to show off in the studio when it reopens.

“I’m thinking I might even sell some of the prints, but I feel I can’t part with the originals now,” he says. “I’ve created and designed three full body suit tattoos, as well as about eight other designs.”

Mikey says the body suits take around eight hours for each design but his four years’ worth of experience has meant the process is now easier than it used to be.

“I was formerly a waiter for 16 years (before getting into tattooing) and just did drawing on the side. But I became frustrated with restaurant customers and started to draw more. I did my apprenticeship and now I’m working as a tattoo artist - no more waiting on tables!”

To see Mikey’s work or the work of any of our artists during their down time, make a booking today!

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