Tattoos Enter the Beauty Pagent World

Published October 6, 2023
By Celebrity Ink

Beauty pageants throughout history have set the standard for what is considered beautiful in women. Many pageants in recent years have begun to move away from superficial beauty ideals and also look for inner beauty in their contestants. However, the idea of natural, unaltered beauty is still a frequently recurring theme throughout many modern beauty pageants, with tattoos being considered unladylike.

Tattoo Rules in Beauty Pageants

Star Wars Tattoo Sleeve - Full Arm Sleeve to Star Wars Characters at Celebrity Ink Tattoo
Each year, Miss World Australia holds a pageant to discover young Australian women who set the standard for beauty, intelligence, compassion, and talent. Their aim is to create role models who enrich the perception of beauty while positively impacting communities. Typically, and throughout history, the majority of beauty pageants state in their rules that contestants cannot have any tattoos or other pageants allow it, but the tattoo must not be visible in a two-piece swimsuit or with their hair up. The rules for Miss World Australia follow the latter: a visible tattoo is grounds for disqualification from the event.

Miss World Australia Finalist

Despite this, beauty ideals in pageantry are changing so that they remain relevant to women entering and watching them. Tattoos are slowly starting to reach from the underground into the mainstream of beauty pageants. This is particularly the case with recent Miss World Gold Coast finalist Rachael Evren. Rachael showcased her various tattoos down her arm, including a Harry Potter tattoo, throughout the Miss World 2023 beauty pageant and still managed to land herself a finalist position.

Evolving Beauty Standards

Star Wars Tattoo Sleeve - Full Arm Sleeve to Star Wars Characters at Celebrity Ink Tattoo
Beauty standards have changed, even in the pageantry world, and women are now encouraged to display their individuality as a complement to their looks. Tattoos are the perfect way to showcase your personality, individuality and even your beauty. Beauty pageants, like Miss World and Miss Universe, have moved with the evolving beauty standards and recognise the allure of tattoos on women. This has brought tattoos from the unladylike stereotype to the forefront of beauty standards. Start showcasing your individuality with Celebrity Ink and find a tattoo that will complement your beauty.

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