Tips For Taking Photos Of Your New Ink

Published August 28, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

So you’ve invested in a new tattoo. It looks great and you want to show it off. One of the first things you’ll probably want to do is snap a photo of it and send the picture to your friends! (#newtattoo #didntevenhurt)

But how can you get a great picture? Firstly, we can snap away for you in our brightly lit studios so just ask us before you leave - you might even be able to share it straight from our gram!

We know you’re going to want to snap it at home still anyway, so you still want to make sure the photography does your ink justice. Take some time to capture the perfect image with our helpful tips.

Consider the lighting for the photo


Bad lighting is a photographer’s worst enemy, so find a spot that has good natural light to enhance your skin’s surface. 

Avoid any reflections, which means avoiding the urge to smother yourself in lotion as it could cause the skin to become shiny. 

If possible, stand close to a window with natural light shining through it, using a soft white curtain as a filter. 

Angle the light so it’s not hitting the tattoo straight on - this will provide your ink with depth and bring the design to life. 


Wait a few days before taking a photo


It can be so tempting to upload your new ink on to social media immediately, but it’s worth waiting a couple of days so the tattoo looks its best. 

When you do start taking photos, don’t be afraid to take a variety, and experiment with different poses and angles to make sure you get the perfect shot.

If your tattoo is in an awkward spot to photograph – such as on your back – you’ll need to enlist a friend or set up your self timer to take a number of different photos to choose from.

Keep the background simple


You want your friends to focus on your tattoo, not something distracting behind you, so keep your background simple. 

Perhaps stand in front of a tree or blank wall to keep things simple and the eye drawn to your tattoo as the photo’s main focus. 

Don’t be afraid to get different perspectives too – some close ups as well as some long shots will give everyone a good idea of what your tattoo looks like as a whole.

Have you recently got a new tattoo? Don’t be camera shy! It’s time to flaunt that ink.

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