Top Five Interesting Tattoo Stories From Our Studios

Published September 24, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

We’ve heard and seen everything - From fainting to marriage proposals, our artists lift the lid on the top five interesting tattoo stories from our studios.

At Celebrity Ink™ we’ve seen some beautiful and crazy stuff, but we don’t judge! We’re akin to hairdressers where we are a sounding board, we listen and hope to impart some pearly gems of sound advice when it’s called for.

For a lot of tattoos, a customer might be sitting in the chair for a few hours at a time where an artist can really get to know the person fairly quickly. It’s different tattoo strokes for different folks! It’s why our artists absolutely love coming to work!

It’s not uncommon for strangers to become instant mates by the end of a half or full-day session. It starts with a nod of approval over design choice, some friendly banter and a shared joke or two to calm the nerves and then it’s Facebook besties forever. What could be better than being witness to a new friendship and knowing you had something to do with it?!

Here’s a list of 5 things we bet you didn’t know could happen when you get a tattoo:

  1. Your adrenaline will kick in – the body’s reaction will either be put in fight or flight mode.
  2. We’ve had men the size of bodybuilders faint.
  3. It’s possible that if you do have an allergic reaction, it may be due to the use of coloured inks. One of the strangest things a Celebrity Ink™ tattoo artist has ever seen is that a man got a tattoo of his favourite footy team. The Sydney Swans logo was completed in red ink. It mysteriously disappeared after a few days but then came back a few days later! Maybe he was so in sync with his beloved team when they lost the game that weekend it disappeared and then it came back when they won the following weekend!
  4. We’ve had a marriage proposal happen because of a chance meeting in our studios. Youtube beauty blogger Jasmine Janabi’s story begins at Celebrity Ink™ Phuket where she met Andrew. So, single guys and gals - forget Tinder, our tattoo studios are brewing up the love potion.
  5. The same Melbourne couple took part in surprise tattoos for each other too! Inked indelibly together forever. You can watch the cute video here. Would you get a surprise tattoo?

Brace yourself for a bit of fun when visiting any one of our Celebrity Ink™ studios. Book today - We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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