Why Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoos Are Gaining Popularity

Published September 5, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

Insta-worthy eyes from the moment you wake up? Yes please.

Are you sick of spending a good chunk of your morning routine doing your makeup in preparation for the day ahead? 

Do your eyes need more definition? 

Perhaps it’s worth considering the convenience of tattoo eyeliner.

This simple procedure means you will always look fresh and never have to worry about black smudges ever again.

Cosmetic tattoos have been growing in popularity over recent years.

It’s easy to see why so many are falling in love with this Insta-worthy tattoo form!

Are cosmetic eyeliner tattoos permanent?

Unlike traditional tattoos, cosmetic tattooing isn’t permanent.

It’s more semi-permanent, meaning that the visual effect can last up three years.

The pigment from the tattoo’s ink will stay in your skin for the long-term like traditional tattoos, but the colouring and shade of the cosmetic tattoo will fade over time.

Unlike regular tattoo body art, cosmetic tattooing only deposits the pigment ink into the first layer of the skin.

Traditional tattoos penetrate into deeper layers, which means they last longer.

In general, you will probably need to get your eyeliner tattoo touched up around every 12 months to make sure it lasts.

However, pigment takes to skin types differently, so the longevity of the eyeliner tattoo will differ from person to person.

The different tattoo eyeliner styles

Typically, there are two different types of cosmetic eyeliner tattoos.

One is where the tattoo pigment is placed within your eyelash layers to create a slight enhancement of your eyes.

This looks quite natural and creates a subtle effect. 

The other style is more defined, with the eyeliner applied above your lash line, giving you a sweeping ‘cat eye’ look.

You should only opt for this style if it’s something you already apply every day and enjoy, as it’s quite a statement style to wear all year without the option of removal!

Your tattoo artist will spend time consulting with you about the kind of look you want and how they plan to achieve it.

How long will my Insta-worthy eyes take?

The thicker the eyeliner tattoo being applied, the longer the procedure will take to do.

In general, the process normally lasts around two hours or so, and this includes the preparation beforehand. 

Does getting an eyeliner tattoo hurt?

To ensure getting an eyeliner tattoo doesn’t hurt, the skin’s surface is rubbed with a numbing cream prior to the procedure. 

Most people won’t feel too much pain during the process, although they will probably feel some discomfort.

However, everyone’s pain threshold is different, so what hurts for someone might be completely tolerable for someone else. 

How long do cosmetic eyeliner tattoos take to heal?

An eyeliner tattoo doesn’t need to ‘heal’ as such – as soon as you walk out of the tattoo studio your eyes should feel fine and you can even drive yourself home. 

The most important thing to remember is to keep your eyes clean and makeup-free.

Avoid mascara and eyeshadow for a few days, so that there’s no chance of any bacteria entering the area.

You should also avoid swimming in pools or spas or going to a sauna. 

In rare instances, your eyeliner tattoo might scab as it heals, and if this happens it’s important you don’t pick at it to avoid disrupting the healing process.

Avoid rubbing your eyes all together. 

Would you like perfect, insta-worthy eyes day in and day out?

Consider getting a cosmetic eyeliner tattoo and never worry about the state of your makeup again!

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