We Are One: Celebrating Australia, the Land & People through Art

Published January 20, 2021
By Celebrity Ink

We respect and honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present and future. Acknowledging the stories, traditions and living cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on this land and commit to building a brighter future together.

We Are One.

Like body art, Australia is more diverse than you can possibly imagine. By celebrating Australia, the Land & People through art, we celebrate all people and cultures. We celebrate our differences through the freedom of expression. This land is wild, awe-inspiring and far from tamed. Just like you.

To celebrate this land called home to our Australian studios, we launched a nation-wide initiative. With flash tattoos featuring iconic Australian images (think waves and kangaroos!) on offer, and a big giveaway honours an emerging young Indigenous artist.

A flash tattoo is a pre-designed piece that usually takes from 1-3 hours. Our team at HQ in Gold Coast whipped up some great artwork.

You can find these pieces on our social media, via FacebookInstagramPinterest and Twitter.

Tattoos are as diverse as Australia’s plants and animals, and it takes all of us working together to make our country work (just look at the platypus, it’s made up of different parts from a mole, duck, and lizard!).

Australian Flag. Celebrating Australia


We Are One

We Are One. Let’s celebrate our differences through art.

We asked people what that means to them, and here’s what they said:

“There’s still a lot of hate in the world. So, focusing on what brings us together rather than what sets us apart is something we need to strive towards. People are always looking at the way things divide us; socially, politically, racially – but at the end of the day we’re all human. Tattoos help us to express that” – Sam

“I think it’s important that we treat everyone the same, how we would like to be treated – no matter where you’ve come from or what your life has been like. Be kind to everyone. I feel like tattoos are a great outlet for people to express themselves and what they believe in – without saying anything at all” – Summer

“Australia is a place of many ancient spirits. We must embrace the original people because we still have a lot to learn. I believe tattoos connect people and that if you tattoo someone you get to know that person. You know their spirit and how they’re viewing life. As an artist, if you understand the magic behind the art of tattooing you can connect deeply with that person, no matter who they are. Everything is magic, and our ancestors are here with us at this moment. We are simply holding space for ones yet to come. We are all one energy, one wave of vibration.” – Edward


Celebrating Australia, the Land & People through Art

Through art, we speak without words. Through tattoos, we firmly state our values. With your new Aussie-themed tattoo you tell the world “Damn right I stand for a diverse Australia!”

Your tattoos say a lot about you. What will yours say? We hope you’ll join us in our efforts to celebrate diversity across our amazing country. Under the Skin we’re all the same. This series does just what the name suggests; we’re not afraid to go deeper than skin. We put YOU in the spotlight and honestly we are constantly inspired. You straight up defy limits with your body art, speaking YOUR OWN language. In this episode, we celebrate edgy & vivacious Australian artist Jenna-Rose Bennett. She fearlessly portrays her dramatic emotions through artwork.

Watch this space for the episode to drop!

Be bold. Be humble. And above all express yourself, tell your story and shine in your spotlight. Not just in Australia but across the world, you’ve proven that when you step into the spotlight and OWN IT there’s nothing you can’t do.

We’d like to thank all of you for sharing your wicked flash tattoos and joined us celebrating Australia. If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to post your new ink to social media and tag us.

We Are One, here in Australia and world-wide. We can express ourselves through body art, and through kindness towards each other we can boldly face this new year together.

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