What Is The Meaning Behind A Wrist Tattoo?

Published June 4, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

Wrist tattoos are visible with most outfits you choose to wear, and yet they seem strangely intimate. The delicate area of the wrist draws the eye and entices tattoo-lovers to choose this body placement for their favourite tattoo designs. 


If you get inked on your wrist and decide to occasionally cover it up – perhaps for a job interview – it’s normally easy to do with some carefully selected items of jewellery or a long-sleeved shirt. In general, wrist tattoos are on the smaller side, making them easier to hide if need be.


How to choose the right wrist tattoo for you


The important thing to remember when choosing a wrist tattoo is to go with a design that isn’t too complicated. The area you’re covering is only small, and to fit in a complicated design might make the space look crowded.


If you’re keen to get inked on your wrist, but are at a loss for what design to choose, we’ve come up with some designs for you based on what a lot of clients choose when they ask us for a wrist tattoo:


What are some popular designs for wrist tattoos?


Do any of these designs appeal to you?




Quotes in cursive font, especially sayings that are motivational or inspirational, are being seen more often. 


These could be an entire quote a few sentences long, or even simple daily prompts to help you focus, such as to ‘breathe’ or ‘live’. On a similar note, signatures of loved ones who may have passed are often requested, as this is just as unique to the person as their fingerprint. It helps connect people. 




Birds are becoming a popular choice for wrist tattoos, perhaps because they’re able be inked easily, but in a way that looks delicate. This could be the tattoo of choice if you love activities like skydiving or base-jumping, or if you simply want to be reminded what it feels like to be free as a bird. 




Travel-themed tattoos, such as an outline of a world map, or even a compass, look great when positioned on the wrist. Simple yet striking, a travel-themed tattoo is perfect for those who love to pack their bags and get out to explore the world around them.


Paper planes


Carrying on from the travel theme, paper plane tattoos are a playful and whimsical touch to any wrist. While conveying a meaning of fun (why else do you fold paper into the shape of an aeroplane?) they can also represent a sense of adventure. Add a bit of movement to the linear design of the aeroplane by selecting a design with some squiggles or dotted lines in between two or three paper planes.




Mandala means ‘circle’ in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language. The meaning of a mandala is thought to emulate balance, eternity and perfection. Mandala tattoos have risen in popularity over recent years and are the perfect pattern for those who want to tap into their spiritual side. 


As a design, a mandala is made up of shapes radiating from the centre of a circular design – the perfect style for any wrist.


Feeling inspired to create a lasting memory on your wrist? We hope these wrist tattoo designs have inspired you to get a tattoo in the spot you can easily admire all day long.


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