What’s In The Ink That Goes Into Tattoos?

Published June 12, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

If you have ever thought about getting a tattoo, you’ve probably wondered what’s in the ink that turns a drawing on paper into a beautiful design on your body. 


We take great pride in the tattoo inks and equipment we use at Celebrity Ink, and we believe knowledge is power – so we’re sharing everything we know so that you can be informed and make the best decision when it comes to your next tattoo!


Essentially, tattoo inks are made up of ingredients that help to form the different colours which are then used to pattern your body. The good news is, tattoo ink used by Celebrity Ink is of the highest quality and completely safe


Where does the ink come from?


Tattoo inks are made up of pigments which are formed from a number of different minerals, depending on the colour of the pigment. For example, ochre is used to create a brown hue, whereas cinnabar and cadmium are used to form the colour red. 


Copper salts can be used to create green and blue colours, whereas black ink is normally made from iron oxides and carbon. Interesting, right?!

How do the colours work? 


Tattoo colours work differently depending on skin tone. Fair skin is able to hold lighter colours, such as white, more easily than darker skin tones. And the same goes for colours such as red and purple.


However, darker skin tones are generally better at showing darking colours such as crimson red and royal blue pigments. 


But this doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a pastel-coloured tattoo if you have a darker skin tone, just remember that it might not turn up as brightly as a darker colour would. 


Remember your tattoo artist at Celebrity Ink is skilled at mixing colours and can always create an appropriate shade of colour that will suit your skin.


Vegan-friendly inks


Celebrity Ink uses vegan-friendly ingredients that aren’t tested on animals or feature any animal by-products, such as bone char, glycerin, gelatin and shellac. The ink is completely free of any harmful chemicals such as metals and other substances that have been known to cause allergic reactions. 


While we’re on the topic of chemicals, tattoo businesses right across Australia must liaise with WorkSafe and list all the chemicals they are using in their studio – including inks and other relevant products – so the local health and safety body can double-check that everything is up to standard.


There are certain chemicals that are not allowed to be used in tattoo inks in Australia, and it is an offence to use any of these listed substances under the Poisons Standard, a regulated list that is determined by the national Therapeutic Goods Administration. We are heavily regulated, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! 

What effect does tattoo ink have on the body? 


Under normal circumstances, the ink should not have any effect on your body and the tattoo pigment will stay in place once the artist has finished their work.


You can always ask your tattoo artist to show you all the ink bottles they are using so that you can read the labels to double-check what the ingredients are.


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