Would You Get A Double Vision Tattoo?

Published July 27, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

The art of inking one’s own flesh is age old. For some, it’s geometrical; for others, a watercolour or portrait; and for someone else, it could be neo-traditional, mandala or an oriental design. 


Occasionally, we see a new tattoo trend and out of nowhere,  enter “double vision and optical illusion tattoos” escalating to dizzying new heights in the popularity stakes! The double vision tattoo features overlapping designs which can result in blurred vision and in some instances optical illusions - both of which have gained in adoration in recent times. Trippy by nature but requiring a very steady hand, these tattoos certainly make a statement.


Doubling down on “blurred vision” tattoos


Giving rise to the “double vision” art form is creator Yatzil Elizalde based in Mexico. As the name suggests, these “blurry effect” tattoos look completely out of focus. To create this effect, Elizalde tattoos the same image two or three times staggering them slightly to create the look of double vision. With a background as a visual artist, her double vision designs range from famous art to portraits, to the heady world of Alice In Wonderland. You can check out her designs on her instagram and her story on Inked Mag.  


The tattoos are very playful, and the good news is you don’t have to go to Mexico to get one! You can chat to your local Celebrity Ink™  tattoo studio to discuss this design concept and process.  

3D and Optical Illusion Tattoos


Of course the ‘Blurred Effect tattoo” is just a personal choice. There are so many options and tattoos styles to choose from and great tattoos come down to placement as well as creativity. When it comes to the unusual, it can still be subtle - or as subtle as a sledgehammer! Each area of the body offers an opportunity for your own personal statement, from biomechanical designs to anatomical blueprints depicting veins, bones and tendons - all offering a unique perspective on the human form.  


Evolving from tribal hand poked tattoos to Westernised techniques, the tattoo art form is always on the move. 3D and optical illusion tattoos are another unusual design choice sure to take you on a mind-bending journey. Optical illusions are artworks or designs that trick your brain. Some illusions trick you into seeing something which is not actually there, whilst other illusions contain hidden images within a picture which can only be seen by changing the way you view an image.  These tattoos can create images from the real word featuring humans, animals and some 3D effects.  Many optical illusions are black and white graphic designs which usually make a great tattoo. Throw in the optical illusion or 3D feature and you are onto a winner. 


Often mind- blowing to look at they are also incredibly convincing in their artistry. Check out this mind-bender on Matt Pehrson’s instagram. If you opt to get one, just be prepared to be stopped by every stranger you encounter as they do a double-take. There are some pretty impressive 3D and optical illusion designs out there for inspiration. Here’s a gallery of these unique artist impressions. We dare you to challenge our artists! 


Have a chat with our team over on our Facebook page - we would love to help you create an optical masterpiece!


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