Cosmetic Tattooing

At Celebrity Ink, our studios specialise in a range of cosmetic tattoo styles and techniques, including eyebrow, eyeliner, beauty spot and lip tattoos.

A cosmetic tattoo is a semi-permanent tattoo, essentially make-up that you don’t have to apply and remove every day. The technique involves tattooing specialised pigment into the upper layer of your skin.

Semi-permanent make-up is the ultimate glow-up, and it’s becoming more and more popular. Ongoing advancements in cosmetic tattooing allow our Celebrity Ink artists to define your features for a natural and confident look.

If you’re tired of applying make-up every day or are looking for a more defined look, cosmetic tattooing is a great option. Whether you are looking for natural-looking feather-touch eyebrows or a striking eyeliner tattoo, our artists are ready to help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

Feather Touch
Eyebrow Tattoo

Attract all eyes in the room with your striking brows and confidence.

Perfectly crafted eyebrows have always been a must-have because they are one of the main features of the face that we use to communicate. Throw away your eyebrow pencil and have consistently perfect brows by getting a feather-touch eyebrow tattoo.

Using the feather touch cosmetic tattoo technique, the talented artists at Celebrity Ink will mimic each of your natural eyebrow hairs through a series of fine strokes to leave you with a defined and natural look. Some of our cosmetic tattoo artists also specialise in ombre feathering.

Due to the semi-permanent nature of this type of tattoo, your beautifully crafted eyebrows can last between 12-24 months, and sometimes even longer.

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Eyeliner Tattoo

Let your eyes do all the talking.

Wake up every day and not have to worry about applying eyeliner. You can achieve a natural look each day with a cosmetic eyeliner tattoo treatment.

Whether you go thick or thin, you’ll feel fantastic with an intense look that will pop through your lashes.

As this is a type of semi-permanent tattoo, an eyeliner tattoo can last between three to five years; however, it all depends on your skin type, age and lifestyle. Like all semi-permanent make-up, it’s recommended to have a colour boost every 18 months to ensure your eyeliner stays fresh and bold.

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Cosmetic Lip Tattoo

Speak volumes with lip ink.

One of the first things a person notices about you is your smile. With cosmetic lip tattoos, you can enhance your natural beauty or make a bold statement.

At Celebrity Ink, our artists will create a customised and blushing lip shade that perfectly matches what you’re looking for to achieve an empowering and defined look.

Your cosmetic lip tattoo will last between three to five years with 18-monthly touch-ups.

Turn heads with your bold and smudge-proof lips when you get the cosmetic lip tattoo treatment at Celebrity Ink.

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo
Beauty Spot and Freckle Tattoos

Highlight your features and add a spot of glamour.

Beauty spots and freckles can enhance your features and add a touch of glamour to your look. If you have been experimenting with eyeliner and love the look, you can now get your beauty spot or freckles tattooed on.

Beauty spot tattoos can be applied on the face, shoulders or neck, with the most popular placements on the upper lip or under the eye. The procedure is typically short but may take a couple of sessions to build up the pigment. Your cosmetic tattoo artist will use a combination of browns to build a natural-looking beauty mark tattoo.

Freckle tattoos are usually applied where freckles show up naturally, over the nose and upper cheeks. Other popular spots, particularly for females, to get freckle tattoos are over the shoulders or across the decolletage area to complement curves and highlight femininity. Similar to beauty spot tattoos, freckle tattoos usually take a couple of sessions and are built with a combination of brown pigments to form a natural scattering of freckles.

Because cosmetic tattooing uses micro-pigmentation instead of tattoo ink, these tattoos will last between one to three years and are designed to fade like natural freckles.

Beauty Spot and Freckle Tattoos

Why Get a Cosmetic Tattoo?

When it comes to natural beauty, you should never hide it. At Celebrity Ink, our cosmetic tattoo artists will complement your already fantastic features with a natural cosmetic tattoo technique.

As applying cosmetics becomes increasingly tedious each morning, waking up with fresh make-up every day is one of the many reasons to get a cosmetic tattoo.

Other benefits of getting a cosmetic tattoo include:

  • It provides long-lasting results – while the pigments in cosmetic tattoos are designed to fade over time, they can last between three to five years.
  • It can camouflage flaws and enhance your features – if you suffer from hair loss or uneven pigmentation, a cosmetic tattoo can provide you with new eyebrows or bolder lips, boosting self-confidence.
  • It is great for those with allergies or sensitivities – a cosmetic tattoo is a fantastic way to enjoy semi-permanent make-up without reacting to traditional cosmetics.
  • It won’t smudge or wash off – if you live an active lifestyle, which may include swimming, unlike traditional make-up, your cosmetic tattoo won’t easily wash off or smudge.

If you want to have striking brows that will turn heads or lips that make you stand out from the crowd, then cosmetic tattooing may be for you. If you’re ready to wake up each day without having to apply make-up, book an appointment to see how our artists can make your cosmetic tattoo dreams a reality.

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