Cosmetic Tattoo Brisbane

Are you interested in getting a cosmetic tattoo in Brisbane? Look no further than Celebrity Ink. Our studios across Queensland’s capital city specialise in a range of cosmetic tattoo styles and techniques, such as eyebrow, eyeliner, lip and freckle tattoos.

What does cosmetic tattooing involve? Cosmetic tattooing offers a semi-permanent solution to daily makeup application. Your tattoo artist embeds specialised pigment into your skin’s upper layer for long-lasting beauty. 

Being so easy to enhance your appearance, cosmetic tattooing is on the rise. Thanks to the latest developments in the field, our cosmetic tattoo artists at Celebrity Ink can define your features, ensuring a natural and vibrant look.

If you’re looking to simplify your morning makeup routine or desire more pronounced features, cosmetic tattooing in Brisbane is a fantastic choice. Our skilled cosmetic tattoo artists are ready to help you achieve your cosmetic goals, whether you aim for subtly enhanced, feather-light eyebrows or bold, attention-grabbing eyeliner tattoos.
At Celebrity Ink, our studios specialise in a range of cosmetic tattoo styles and techniques, including eyebrow, eyeliner, beauty spot and lip tattoos.

A cosmetic tattoo is a semi-permanent tattoo, essentially make-up that you don’t have to apply and remove every day. The technique involves tattooing specialised pigment into the upper layer of your skin. 
Semi-permanent make-up is the ultimate glow-up, and it’s becoming more and more popular. Ongoing advancements in cosmetic tattooing allow our Celebrity Ink artists to define your features for a natural and confident look. 

If you’re tired of applying make-up every day or are looking for a more defined look, cosmetic tattooing is a great option. Whether you are looking for natural-looking feather-touch eyebrows or a striking eyeliner tattoo, our artists are ready to help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

Eyebrow Tattoo

Attract all eyes in the room with your striking brows and confidence: Are you looking to turn heads when you walk into a room? You can do so with a feather-touch eyebrow tattoo in Brisbane.

Your eyebrows are one of the most prominent facial features, and with cosmetic eyebrow tattoos, you can enhance them even more. With the feather-touch technique, our skilled artists at Celebrity Ink replicate your natural eyebrow hairs with precise, delicate strokes, achieving a refined and natural appearance. We also have some artists who specialise in the ombre feathering technique, adding depth and dimension to your brows.

Since cosmetic eyebrow tattoos are semi-permanent, your beautifully crafted brows can maintain their perfect look for 12 to 24 months, or sometimes even longer, without the need for daily upkeep.

If you’re ready to throw away your eyebrow pencil, find your nearest Celebrity Ink studio that specialises in cosmetic tattooing in Brisbane.
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Cosmetic tattoos Brisbane
Cosmetic tattoos Brisbane

Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo

Let your eyes do all the talking: Imagine waking up each morning without the hassle of applying eyeliner yet still flaunting a perfectly natural look. This is the beauty of opting for a cosmetic eyeliner tattoo treatment in Brisbane.

Whether you’re after bold and thick or sleek and thin, our eyeliner tattoo artists will apply eyeliner tattoos that will make your eyes stand out.

Given its semi-permanent nature, an eyeliner tattoo can make your eyes stand out for three to five years, depending on factors such as skin type, age and lifestyle. To maintain the vibrancy of your eyeliner, a colour refresh is recommended every 18 months, ensuring your look remains as striking as ever.
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Cosmetic Lip Tattoo

Speak volumes with lip ink: Your lips are often one of the first features people notice when they look at you. Cosmetic lip tattoos in Brisbane offer a way to amplify your natural look or make a bold statement. Our skilled artists at Celebrity Ink specialise in tailoring a lip colour that aligns with your designed outcome, ensuring a look that’s both empowering and defined.

Much like cosmetic eyeliner tattoos, expect your cosmetic lip tattoo to last for three to five years, with touch-ups recommended every 18 months.

Catch everyone’s eyes with lips that are both striking and smudge-proof by choosing the cosmetic lip tattoo treatment at Celebrity Ink.
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Cosmetic tattoos Brisbane
Cosmetic tattoos Brisbane

Beauty Spot and Freckle Tattoos

Highlight your features and add a spot of glamour: Beauty spot and freckle tattoos are all the rage at the moment, with an increasing number of people opting to get them to enhance their appearance or make a statement.

Beauty spot tattoos offer a timeless addition to your look, with favoured spots being on the upper lip or beneath the eye. However, you can also get them on your shoulders and neck. Getting a beauty spot tattoo is relatively quick, but achieving the perfect shade may require a few sessions. Your beauty spot tattoo artist will blend shades of brown to craft a beauty spot that looks effortlessly natural.

Freckle tattoos mimic the sun-kissed speckles naturally found across the nose and upper cheeks, with other sought-after locations including the shoulders and decolletage. These areas are chosen to accentuate curves and enhance femininity. Like beauty spot tattoos, creating freckle tattoos involves a few sessions where artists use a mix of brown tones to achieve a realistic freckle effect.

Utilising micro-pigmentation rather than traditional tattoo ink, these cosmetic enhancements are designed to last between one and three years, fading over time to mirror the fading of natural freckles.
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Why Get a 
Cosmetic Tattoo?

Embrace and enhance your natural beauty without hiding it. At Celebrity Ink, our skilled cosmetic tattoo artists use subtle techniques to accentuate your existing features, making them even more beautiful.

Applying makeup each morning can become a chore. Opting for a cosmetic tattoo in Brisbane offers the convenience of waking up each morning with perfectly applied makeup, simplifying your daily beauty routine.

If you’re looking to get a cosmetic tattoo, whether it be eyebrows, eyeliner, lips or freckles, find your nearest Celebrity Ink studio to get it done.
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Cosmetic tattoos Brisbane

Other benefits of getting a cosmetic tattoo include:

If you want to have striking brows that will turn heads or lips that make you stand out from the crowd, then cosmetic tattooing may be for you. If you’re ready to wake up each day without having to apply make-up, book an appointment to see how our artists can make your cosmetic tattoo dreams a reality. 
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It provides
long-lasting results

It provides long-lasting results

while the pigments in cosmetic tattoos are designed to fade over time, they can last between three to five years.

It can camouflage flaws and enhance your features

if you suffer from hair loss or uneven pigmentation, a cosmetic tattoo can provide you with new eyebrows or bolder lips, boosting self-confidence. 

It is great for those with allergies or sensitivities

a cosmetic tattoo is a fantastic way to enjoy semi-permanent make-up without reacting to traditional cosmetics. 

It won’t smudge
or wash off

It won’t smudge or wash off

if you live an active lifestyle, which may include swimming, unlike traditional make-up, your cosmetic tattoo won’t easily wash off or smudge.