Wondering what tattoo you should get next? Why not celebrate a loved family member, celebrity or pet with a portrait of them on your body forever? Whether for inspiration, motivation, a reminder or a memory, portraits are often the tattoo of choice for those wanting to honour someone of significance in their life. 

One of the most complicated tattoos you can get is a portrait tattoo so it’s important you choose an artist who is highly skilled if you want the art to realistically represent your loved one. Even a few lines out of place can cause the entire image not to look as realistic as you would like. 

At Celebrity Ink™, our team of artists have had years of experience to prepare them for the detail and skills needed for portrait tattoos. Below, we show off some of our favourite portrait tattoos. 


Tattoo: Nautical theme

This nautical-themed portrait tattoo by our artist Bird uses black shading to create different levels of depth, making the image feel so realistic – like it’s almost moving. The ship feels as though it is truly sailing through a storm.

The realistic portrait of the woman also comes to life through the detail used in crafting her eyes through clever shading, making it look so realistic it almost resembles a photograph.


Tattoo: Travis Fimmel 

Viking fans everywhere will recognise this portrait tattoo of actor Travis Fimmel in a heartbeat. Just like in real life, Travis’ blue eyes pop out of this image, with the clever use of colour and contrast making them all the more striking.

This tattoo was crafted by our talented artist Keng at our Phuket, Thailand studio.  


Tattoo: Face and Features

This is another detailed portrait tattoo from Keng, which aptly captures the personality of the man depicted within the image. 

Shading is used to create an almost 3D effect, allowing the tattoo to pop off the skin, bringing the image to life. 


Tattoo: Dog

What better way to honour man’s best friend than with a tattoo of your favourite pooch on your arm?

This beautiful image of a beloved pet – created by Nok – captures the larger-than-life happiness and energy of this gorgeous dog. The soft-brush tattoo effect gives the image movement, almost making it look as though the dog is wagging his tail on the wearer’s forearm!


What you need to know when getting a portrait tattoo

Have these tattoos inspired you to get your own portrait image inked on your skin? The best way to capture a unique image is to send a photograph to the studio to give to the artist. Although our artists have extensive portfolios of tattoo examples to choose from, the beauty of portrait tattoos is that they are truly one-of-a-kind.


Keep in mind the level of detail needed for a portrait tattoo and understand that it might take more than one session to complete the tattoo. Due to a large amount of detail required, it’s also best to choose a large space on the body for the tattoo, such as the upper back or bicep. 


Getting your own personalised portrait tattoo

If you’re feeling inspired, make sure you choose an image you’re in love with and head to your nearest Celebrity InkTM studio. Our team can bring your portrait tattoo to life with a realistic image in perfect detail.