5 Ways To Mark Your Travel Obsession Through Tattoos

Published June 10, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

That feeling of the freedom, joy and knowledge you derive on your travel adventure is hard to capture at the best of times, but here’s five ways to mark your travel obsession through tattoos so you can keep your travel experiences alive for a lifetime. Stop with the tea towels and teaspoons and mark your moments with a tattoo souvenir.

1| Landmarks

A travel tattoo can represent one specific place in time or a lifetime of adventures. Marking your global roaming obsession with either a landmark or landscape tattoo can be a beautiful way to commemorate it. There’s the more traditional choice of a landmark tattoo like the Grand Canyon, Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower but taking the road less travelled such as a scenic landscape of your favourite beach, road, mountain or lake can be even more impressive.

2| Pinpoint your destination

Latitude and longitude hit a sexy new curve when mapping out your next travel obsession. Using coordinates can put a unique spin on things. Getting your favourite city or even your hometown coordinates (if you live away from your home) inked on your skin is a popular trend. Or consider the aspect of the moon and stars of the travel location of your choice and chart those as a tattoo. Maps of the world will never go out of fashion but try putting a unique spin by leaving it incomplete and mapping your journey as the years progress or combining it with some iconic landmarks or travel icons.

3| Script

Take the art of lettering tattoos to a new level with phrases that mean something to you but in a different language from a place of interest or about a fellow traveller. Just make sure that the font you choose fits the word or phrase, message and your personality. Another way to mark your travel obsession is with an inspired travel quote whether it be something more traditional from J.R.R. Tolkien “Those who wander are not lost” to the more fantastical Dr Seuss “Oh, the places you’ll go!” For some inspirational travel quotes, check out this blog.

4| Ceremonial/cultural

Tattoos are a modern day ritual of sorts and getting a ceremonial tattoo can mark your world travels as something truly deep and uplifting. Many cultures still offer these ritual type tattoos so you might come across this along your travel journey, but it’s important to pay respect to these cultures by doing your research first. Celebrity Ink has a presence in eight countries around the world (and growing!), so go to a trusted tattoo specialist first for advice when considering a ritual or tribal tattoo.

5| Icons

Travel icons are simple and often sweet. Merge travel icons together. An outline of a backpack filled with a mountain peak or a playful depiction of a suitcase stuffed with travel monuments. Get matching wrist tattoos of modes of transport including planes, trains, automobiles and hot air balloons.
Marking your travel obsession with a tattoo tells a tale of great adventures and a story for the ages. Ironically, travel is grounding. Now there’s your next tattoo script!

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