A Guide To Plant Tattoos For Every Plant Lover

Published April 23, 2024
By Celebrity Ink

Plants are a beautiful part of nature that brighten our surroundings and bring colour, clean air and stress relief to our lives. They can catch your attention on a walk in the park, fill an inner-city apartment with a sense of calm and make you feel more connected to nature. Science has shown that your houseplants make you happier, healthier and more productive. So it makes sense that some people want to wear their love of plants on their skin by getting a plant tattoo or two.   

Tattoos of flowers, herbs and trees look good and carry personal meanings, but they do more than that. Plant tattoos can cover up scars with traumatic memories attached with symbols of new life and renewal and commemorate lost loved ones. There are certain beloved symbols that some people turn to time and time again, from peonies for happiness to acacias for pure plant love tattoos.

Celebrity Ink can work with you on the plant design that best tells your story, whether it’s your first tattoo or your latest, whether you want an Australian native plant tattoo or something more exotic.

If you have a picture in your mind of the kind of tattoo you want, come and see Celebrity Ink, and we’ll bring your vision to life. If you’d like some inspiration for your design, here is our brief guide to some of the most common plant tattoos, their commonly accepted meanings and the best place to put them.

Different Plant Tattoo Ideas and Their Meanings

From springtime symbols like lavender and sunflowers to small but striking grevilleas, plant and flower tatts come in a sweeping selection of styles. Here are some of the most popular and the meanings you’ll typically find attached to them:


One of the most common choices for flower tattoos, this traditional symbol from China represents prosperity, success or a happy marriage.

Acacias (wattle)

The acacia is one of the most commonly used plants for a love tattoo. It often represents a love that’s true, untainted and pure. It may also represent resilience and adaptability because of the plant’s ability to survive and thrive in harsh conditions.

Desert Cacti

Desert cactus tattoos have a summertime vibe and tend to be symbols of fun, partying, and positivity. Because of the plant's nature, they may also represent endurance and inner strength.


From little things, big things grow. Although a seedling is simple in concept and design, it’s a potent symbol of new life, hope and perseverance.

Four seasons

A tattoo that shows a tree or a single leaf going through the four seasons represents the passage of time and the natural seasons of life. It demonstrates that change is inevitable, so you may as well embrace it.

Laurel leaves (bay leaf)

Laurel leaves are commonly associated with nobility and strength, and a laurel wreath tattoo is a symbol of accomplishment.

Narcissi (daffodils)

More commonly known as daffodils, narcissus flowers take their name from the tale of the young man in Greek mythology who gazed into a pool of water and fell in love with his own reflection. So it’s no surprise that for some, narcissi tattoos represent self-love or pride. But since daffodils bloom in spring, they can also represent renewal and new beginnings.

Four-leaf clover

Originating in Ireland, the four-leaf clover has become a symbol of good luck around the world. A four-leaf clover tattoo often represents the blessings you hope to come your way.


Rose tattoos are simple, elegant, and extremely popular tattoo designs that represent love, romance, and purity.

Poison ivy

A poison ivy tattoo makes a strong statement: a little bit connected with nature, a little bit “don’t mess with me”, it’s a signifier of strength and independence.

Different Styles of Plant Tattoos

Plant tattoos come in an endless variety of styles. You’re limited only by your imagination. But if you’re wondering where to start, some interesting and unique styles include:

Australian native plant tattoos

The Australian natural landscape is filled with countless examples of stunning flora and vegetation with great tattoo potential. Some examples include Australian wattle and bottle brush tattoos, gum leaves and ferns.

Plant love tattoos

From red roses to tulips, carnations to mistletoe, symbols of love and romance abound in the plant world. If you’re looking for a romantic gift idea or a symbol of your commitment, a plant love tattoo is perfect—especially for a lovestruck nature enthusiast.


You don’t have to stick to one kind of flower to tell the story you wish to tell. A bouquet is a way to beautifully display variety and diversity by showing an abundance of colour.

Flowers and words

While choosing the right flower can say so much in itself, a few well-chosen words (such as a line from a poem) add a personal touch to the piece.  

Best Placement for Different Plant Tattoos

Where should you put your plant tattoo? The location of your new ink is just as important as the design, and some places you might pick for a plant tattoo include


Your wrist is one of your most visible areas, and a flower tattoo on it is a powerful symbol of grace and vulnerability. From lavender to lotuses to wraparound wildflower bracelets, a wrist flower tattoo is small and simple yet striking to look at.


If you favour a more subtle approach, an ankle tattoo never goes out of style and can be easily covered up with socks or long pants if need be.


Sleeve tattoos have always been a popular choice for those who are committed to their love of body art. With an armful of flower designs, you have rich detail, vibrant colours, and consistency of design. It’s a work of art that’s coherent but also lets you get lost in the details.


If your tattoo is very personal, you might want to get it on your back. A back tattoo is extremely private and easily covered with clothing.


You don’t have to commit to a full sleeve. Your forearm offers plenty of space for detailed designs. 

Get Your Plant Tattoo at Celebrity Ink

No matter what kind of plant tattoo suits your tastes, Celebrity Ink will provide you with a design you’ll be pleased to show the world.

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