Brisbane Tattoo Expo 2021 Artist Competition

Published July 16, 2021
By Celebrity Ink

Celebrity Ink™ Tattoo Artists Compete Against the Best-of-the-Best

The Australian Tattoo Expo is coming to Brisbane where over 300 of Queensland’s best tattoo artists will be tattooing LIVE over the weekend.

This is the competition of the year for artists in SEQ, and the opportunity to show off their mad skills against the best of the best across the industry.

Not to mention, our tattoo aftercare friends from Dr. Pickles.

We’re excited to have several Celebrity Ink artists from the Brisbane and Gold Coast area representing our international brand.

For the best tattoo artists in Queensland, Australia, look no further than this team of expert tattooists competing at the Brisbane Tattoo Expo 2021.


What is the Brisbane Tattoo Expo 2021?

The Australian Tattoo Expo, which tours Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne, showcases some of the best tattoo artists in Australia.

Along with over 300 artists tattooing live, there will be world class entertainment and awesome vendors from food to merch.

There isn't a better place to take an in depth look into the niche culture of tattooing and body art.

You don’t have to be getting inked to enjoy the expo; research different artists and tattoo genres, learn about trends and new techniques - this is a fast evolving industry!

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Our Artists

Arm (International Guest Artist)

Arm specialises in

  • Colour
  • Colour Realism
  • Black & Grey Realism
  • Traditional

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black and grey tattoo dragon

Jose (Celebrity Ink Hyperdome)

Jose specialises in 

  • Black & Grey Detail
  • Fine line
  • Realism
  • Micro Realism

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samauri tattoo japanese style black and grey shading









Julio (Celebrity Ink Hyperdome)

Julio specialises in 

  • Trash Polka
  • Surrealism
  • Traditional
  • New School
  • Realism

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black and grey tattoo chest piece statue realism realistic face

McCoy (International Guest Artist)

McCoy specialises in 

  • Fine Line
  • Mandala
  • Watercolour
  • Animal Portraits
  • Micro Portraits
  • Stippling

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skull tattoo small







Penno (Celebrity Ink Surfers Paradise)

Penno is a premium artist versatile in all things

  • Black & Grey 
  • Large Portraits
  • Realism

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penno tattoo realism hyperrealism black and grey realistic sleeve arm

Sofia (Celebrity Ink Surfers Paradise)

Sofia specialises in 

  • Traditional
  • Mandala
  • Watercolour
  • Fineline
  • Abstract
  • Geometric
  • Black & Grey

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watercolour butterfly tattoo thigh

Sunny (Celebrity Ink Garden City)

Sunny is a premium artist versatile in all things

  • Portraits
  • Hyperrealism

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realism arm piece full sleeve clock watch tattoo compass

Unun (International Guest Artist)

Unun specialises in 

  • Black & Grey Realism
  • Japanese Oriental
  • Colour

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tiger tattoo thigh black and grey realism hyperrealism

Vason (International Guest Artist)

Vason specialises in 

  • Portraits
  • Black & Grey Realism
  • Colour Portraits

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dog tattoo portrait tattoo photorealism realism hyperrealism black and grey bodyart


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