Business Starts And Ends With Community

Published August 22, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

Celebrity Ink™ didn’t become the world’s biggest tattoo brand without the undeniable support from the community. It’s why we have made it a part of our DNA to give back. In fact, the team believes that any business starts and ends with community.  

If you join our coveted Celebrity Ink™ franchisees, you will receive first class support from the Operations and Marketing team, who have done an amazing job at taking Celebrity Ink™ to new heights and enabling the brand to spread across the world so that we’re in the places our clients are. If you’ve been to Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam or Singapore to name a few, you’ll see our Thailand-born, Australian owned brand in international hotspots that make it easy to walk in and get a tattoo. But that’s just the start of a successful model. Just as important as satisfying our clients in the studio, is looking after them when they’re struggling. It’s important for any business to give back to the community that supports you – not to mention how good it feels to be part of something much bigger.  

Here are a few ways as a business you can give back to the community – after all what goes around comes around right?

Local Support. Global Support.

Our biggest advice is to remember you are a global citizen, and have a responsibility to think both locally and globally. Recently, more so than ever, we’ve all come to realise just how connected we all are.  Certainly when you have studios worldwide this is more imperative than ever, but through social media, there’s no denying that we aren’t aware of the suffering around us - whether that’s around our neighbourhood or around our country. 

Whilst the ongoing COVID-19 crisis continues to take centre-stage in all of our minds, we can see (and have heard from them) that it’s the charities which will suffer.  A long-time friend and client of Celebrity Ink™ decided to take the initiative to raise funds for childhood cancer at the peak of the coronavirus. We threw our weight behind this worthwhile cause and their efforts to make their mark, even during the tough times when our doors were closed. Why? Because community is everything. For more on this story, visit here.

Globally, we’ve been watching in horror the consequences of COVID-19 and the domino effect that restricted travel has had internationally. Within the boundaries of Patong, Kuta, Siargao and Ho Chi Minh are some of the country's poorest communities residing in shanty towns with little to eat and it’s even more critical during Covid 19.  These are just around the corner from our studios, and the families of our team members, so it really hits home how lucky we are and how united and strong a family we are at Celebrity Ink™. Alexis and Aof from the Kata/Karon studio made it their mission to get out to these communities in dire situations and deliver food.  A Go Fund Me page was set up which is still open and raising much needed funds to bag up about 200 bags a day and hand-deliver them to the poorest families in the Patong regions. Every bag contains rice, noodles, eggs, glucose biscuits, fresh drinking water and (when available) vegetables, and people are lining up for kilometers to try and get one to feed their family. 

The business of giving back

While you’re out doing good, you can make a bigger difference by using social media, blogging, media and any other channel to promote the work you’re doing. It’s not to brag. It’s to generate awareness and get more people considering action. Business leaders have the opportunity to create mass exposure and mass action - it’s a special position to be in!

Have a think about what you can do with local sponsorships to sports clubs or seasonal events such as Christmas or a major City Fun Run. You may be able to network via these events and help other brands spread their charitable message too! 

Whichever way you choose to implement good corporate social responsibility, whether it's volunteering your services, donating or sponsoring money or actively participating in fundraising events, your business has every opportunity to give back and as a result, you can forge new and stronger ties not only with your community but with your peers and colleagues.

Truly anyone can make their mark. 

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