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Ink It Now, Pay Later With Afterpay

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Ink It Now, Pay Later With Afterpay

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Ink It Now, Pay Later With Afterpay

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Choosing Your Next Tattoo: Inspiration and Design Tips

Published February 8, 2024
By Celebrity Ink

Are you thinking about getting a new tattoo? You’re not just choosing a cool design; you’re deciding on a symbol that will stay with you for life. Tattoos tell a story, express your personality and celebrate milestones. However, if you’re struggling with choosing your next tattoo, we’re here to help. This guide is here to simplify the process, offering tips for tattoo design and where you can find inspiration.

Whether it’s your first tattoo or your 10th, we’ll help you navigate the vast world of options, from finding the best places for inspiration to factors to consider when getting your next piece of ink.

Where To Get Tattoo Design Inspiration

If you’ve decided you’d like to get your first tattoo or are unsure what to get for your next one, where can you look to get inspiration?

Google Image Search

Who do you turn to when you want to learn about anything in the world? Google! That also includes tattoo design inspiration. For example, if you love marine animals, you could simply open up Google Image Search and type in “marine animal tattoos” and enjoy browsing all of the options that come up.

Pinterest boards

Pinterest is a fantastic visual platform that people use for many things, including wedding inspiration, home interior inspiration and even tattoo inspiration. Simply type in what you’re looking for in the search bar, and countless tattoo designs will pop up. The great thing about Pinterest is that each topic is covered within different boards. For example, you can find a whole Pinterest board dedicated to nautical tattoos and another one dedicated to fine-line tattoos. When looking for tattoo inspiration on Pinterest, the world is your oyster!


Another visual platform where you can find tattoo inspiration is Instagram. When you go onto the Explore page, simply type in the type of tattoos you’re looking for and countless images and videos will come up.

Instagram is also a great place to get inspiration on which tattoo studio and artist you’d like to do your tattoo. You can take a look at each studio’s page and see the type of tattoos they do and the quality of their work, which can help you make the decision on where to go and which artist to choose.

Culture symbols

Look into symbols, patterns and motifs from your own culture or cultures you’re interested in. Ensure that you approach this with respect and understanding of their meanings and significance to avoid cultural appropriation.

Music and movies

Do you have a favourite song or movie? It can be a great place to get inspiration for your next tattoo.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Tattoo

So, you’ve decided that you want to get a tattoo, but what are some factors you should consider in the design process?

The style

With so many different tattoo styles to choose from, it’s important to take the time to research each style and see which one resonates the most.

Some of the most popular tattoo styles include

  • Traditional
  • Realism
  • Japanese
  • Geometric
  • Watercolour

The placement

Consider where you want the tattoo on your body and how big you want it to be. Placement can affect the tattoo’s visibility, pain level during the procedure and how it ages with your skin.

The least painful places to get a tattoo include

  • Upper outer thigh
  • Forearm
  • Outer shoulders
  • Outer bicep
  • Calves

The most painful places to get a tattoo include

  • Rib cage
  • Ankles and shins
  • Elbows or kneecap
  • Behind the knees
  • Head, face and ears
  • Hands, fingers, feet and toes

The cost

Tattoos are expensive; there’s no doubt about it. However, some tattoos cost a lot more than others, depending on a range of factors such as size, style, placement and detail. For example, a big, detailed back tattoo is going to cost a lot more than a dainty, fine-line ankle tattoo.

The colour or colours

Decide if you want your tattoo to be colourful or simply black/grey. Each has its unique aesthetic, with colour offering vibrant visuals and black and grey providing a classic look that may age more gracefully.

The tattoo artist

Finally, one of the most important factors you have to consider when getting a tattoo is the artist who is going to tattoo you. When you do your research, look for tattoo artists who specialise in the type of style you’d like to get. See their work on Instagram (if they have an account) or on the studio’s website. Reading reviews is also another way to see if they’re the right artist for you.

Tips For Your Tattoo Design

Creating a tattoo design that you’ll love for years to come involves thoughtful consideration and planning. Here are some tips to help you come up with a tattoo design:

Reflect on what’s important to you

When you start to come up with ideas for your tattoo design, look at symbols, themes or values that are important to you. This could be anything from family, nature, personal achievements or a passion for a particular art style.

Consider size and placement

The size and placement of your tattoo can affect its design. Some designs work better as large tattoos, while others can be scaled down. The placement of your tattoo also affects visibility and can influence the design’s shape to complement your body’s contours.

Future proof your design

Think about how your tattoo will age, both in terms of your personal style and the physical ageing of the tattoo. Opt for a timeless design that you can see yourself wearing decades into the future.

Consult with a tattoo artist

Once you’ve got a rough idea of what your tattoo design looks like, consult with a tattoo artist. They can provide valuable insights into what works best for your skin type, the tattoo’s longevity and how to best translate your ideas into a beautiful design.

Be open to adaptation

Another thing to consider when going for a tattoo artist for design advice is that you should be flexible and open to suggestions from them. They might propose changes to your design to ensure it looks well as a tattoo and ages gracefully on your skin.

Get Your Next Tattoo at Celebrity Ink

Tattoos are a fantastic way to express your personality, showcase a milestone or achievement in your life or represent your culture. If you’re thinking about getting your first tattoo or adding to your collection, Celebrity Ink is ready to bring your design to life. Our professional and experienced team of artists specialise in a range of tattoo styles and can provide you with advice on which style, size, and placement will best suit the type of tattoo you want to get.

Book a consultation at your nearest Celebrity Ink studio to get your journey towards your next tattoo started!

Get your next tattoo at Celebrity Ink

The team at Celebrity Ink can provide you with not only a tattoo that tells your story but also detailed aftercare information that goes beyond the question of how long does a tattoo take to heal.

Our team sets standards in tattoo design while working alongside you to bring your vision to life. Whether you’re seeking traditional tattoos, realistic designs, mandalas, or any other, we have artists specialising in a range of tattoo styles that can provide you with the tattoo you have envisioned.

Book a consultation to discuss your tattoo design, get in contact with the crew at Celebrity Ink, and we will lock you in for your next ink session.
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