Chris Brown Gets 6 Month Old Son's Name In Ink

Published July 25, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

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Selling over 140 million records globally and one of music industry’s best-selling artists, Chris Brown has certainly made his mark.  Starting out as a teen heartthrob with hits like “Run It”,  the R&B pop star has, even with a string of hits, usually found himself at the centre of controversy. But with the birth of his children, we are starting to see a more mature side to Breezy. In 2015 Brown became a dad for the first time to his daughter Royalty with Nia Guzman.  

Photo by Ivana Belakova

Tattoos for celebration

Whether you love him or hate him, Chris is no stranger to ink.  He had his first tattoo at the age of 13 and doesn’t have enough fingers to count the rest of his collection. To celebrate his daughter’s 2nd birthday Brown had the tattoo of his daughter Royalty applied on his back. With a score of tattoos Chris Brown showed up on instagram with an ode to his 6 month old son Aeko tattooed on his leg.  Aeko (pronounced Echo)  is the adorable son of Ammika Harris and Chris Brown born in November 2019.  Mother of his child Ammika Harris is a social media influencer with over 1 million followers working with companies such as H&M and PrettyLittleThing and she is sporting a few of her own tattoos including some angel wings. Check out her Insta page here.  Chris had his tattoo completed late last month when Aeko turned 6 months old. Featured on his right leg are large graphic letters of his son’s name AEKO with a giant depiction of his son’s eye above the letters. Covering the entire shin up past the kneecap,  this is one tattoo he will be reminded of forever.

Photo by MediaPunch/ Shutterstock

Breezy’s tattoo honour roll call

For the most part Chris Brown tattoos honour the people in his life and it is evident that some hold great religious importance to him.  The first  tattoo he got was at the age of 13 of Jesus surrounded by musical notes as he pays his respect to the man who gave him his voice. His Mother Joyce is wrapped around his wrist whilst another shows his other great loves for Mega Man, Astro Boy, manga, graffiti art and the city of Virginia.  For a more comprehensive list of Brown’s tattoos check the details here.

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