Daniel Gorringe X Celebrity Ink™ | Stuart Dew Tattoo

Published January 20, 2022
By Celebrity Ink

Daniel Gorringe Celebrity Ink Stewart Dew Tattoo Gold Coast Suns Carlton Blues ALF

Daniel Gorringe Chooses Celebrity Ink™ for his Stuart Dew Tattoo

Celebrity Ink™ was the tattoo studio of choice when former AFL footy player, Daniel Gorringe, needed help making good on his lost bet!

The Gold Coast Suns pulled off a major win against the Carlton Blues, but before they could, Big Brother star Dan Gorringe made a bad bet: if the Suns were to win, he would get a tattoo of Stuart Dew on his derriere.

“If the Suns beat Carlton today I’ll get Stuart Dew’s face tattooed on me,” tweeted Dan.

Carlton led until midway through the third quarter, with Dan live tweeting throughout the game, when the Suns surged ahead to claim a 76 to 57 victory.

“I’m in shock, did not see this coming. I’m a man of my word,” he tweeted.

“One Stuart Dew face coming up tattooed on my body when we are out of lockdown. Lesson learnt today"

“Stuart Dew tattoos are actually in right now. Going to start a trend”

When it came time to follow through on the promise to his fans, there was only one place that came to mind: Celebrity Ink™!

Watch below Celebrity Ink's full interview with Daniel Gorringe –

Daniel Gorringe Celebrity Ink Stewart Dew Tattoo Gold Coast Suns Carlton Blues ALF


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