Move Over Brow Bars – Tattoos Studios Are Making Their Beauty Mark

Published January 29, 2021
By Celebrity Ink

What's the deal with eyebrow tattoos?

Beauty trends may come and go, but perfectly crafted brows have long been a must-have on any woman’s list. Beauty experts in the know are quickly doing an about face, turning to tattooing experts instead of brow waxers for expert eyebrows.

What are eyebrow tattoos?

This semi-permanent form of makeup involves the insertion of safe colour pigments into the dermis layer of the skin similar to getting a tattoo.

It improves the appearance of the eyebrows with definition and the advancement of techniques over the years have also improved to offer a very natural, feathered look. 

How long does it last?

Depending on your skin type, you should get at least 12-24 months out of it before they begin to fade.

You’ll generally receive the treatments in a couple of sessions to ensure a strong result.

Still; better than a daily plucking, shaping, and filling in with a brow pencil, right?

Why should you eyebrow tattoos?

The benefits are numerous.

From saving time every day in your makeup routine and minimising allergies from makeup or waxing, to fixing the problem of thinning eyebrows due to ageing or hair loss from chemo treatment.

Cosmetic brow application just makes sense!


Is it painful?

If your pain threshold is low, fear not! The sensation can be likened to that of a cat scratch.

It feels like something akin to an etching of the skin but your numbing cream should prevent it from being unbearable. 

Turn to the pros

As with any semi-permanent procedure, it’s important to do your research. Make sure you have someone who comes highly recommended and does this as their profession all day and every day.  That’s why tattoo studios have really cemented their position in the beauty industry for this kind of procedure.  There is a skill set required you need to demand the highest standards of hygiene and quality control practices.

So for perfect brows, all year round, make an appointment at Celebrity Ink™.

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