Tattoo Designs For Women That Will See You Getting New Ink Fast!

Published July 14, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

There’s plenty of tattoo inspiration coming out of the coronavirus era - everyone has been cooped up but getting creative! These top tattoo designs for women will see you hitting your favourite tattoo studio now that they are open, but the hardest part will be narrowing down your choice!


Reflection and Meaning

Keeping abreast of the trends is a good start but ultimately your decision to get a tattoo whether it be for the first time or a repeat tattoo, should still be aligned with personal meaning so you can be happy with the result for the rest of your life. Reflective practices are important as they help us process stressful experiences but also assess what is a positive influence or a negative one. It’s why there is a trend in 2020 for some tattoo designs to stick to smaller and more minimalist. 

Big changes start with small symbols

Depending on your personality type, a simplistic approach to your tattoo can be equally as striking as a bold full sleeve tattoo. Small tattoos are still a popular choice in 2020 and can offer a more affordable approach if you’re just getting back on your feet after a rough start to the year. They are also easier to coverup depending on your choice and work environment.



Consider ideas such as a simple letter of the alphabet in a different cursive font which can represent many things at once. It could be the first letter of your name, an important name in a relationship or it could be a letter which quickly brings to mind an idea or concept you wish to be reminded of.    


Flowers also offer a more simplistic approach and can have great meaning or significance. Floral designs can be used to express love, remembrance, friendship and gratitude. The colour and location of these pretty little tattoos can also offer great significance. The humble red rose represents true love whilst a pink rose portrays elegance and grace. A white rose represents innocence and purity and a blue rose is a symbol of fascination and impossibility - that’s one flower type with a whole lot of power behind it! Think outside of the rose box and consider dandelions, lotus and cherry blossoms. If you are keen to explore floral designs and their meanings further, check out this list here.



Nature continues to inspire with delightful and playful depictions of rabbits, birds and bees. Although absolutely adorable, the rabbit tattoo can also represent virility and fertility but just like Peter Rabbit they are also cheeky tricksters who can outsmart so it represents these characteristics too.  


The bee is an industrious little critter defined as loyal, sweet and productive. Birds symbolise freedom and depending on the variety, they offer a plethora of meanings. Two birds situated together symbolise classic lovebirds, whilst birds in flight have become one of the most popular designs. Small little blackbirds in migration mode depicted in a tattoo could represent a free spirit and wanting to take flight or seize the opportunity for change.

Pop culture portraits capture a moment in time

Picture a re-imagining of Da Vinci’s The Last Supper with characters including Albert Einstein, Spongebob Squarepants and Deadpool with a seat at the table. These humourous and cheeky designs are being made popular by artist KOZO and they are generally stunning pieces of portrait art. These quirky tattoos are for the fun loving girl inside you who loves pop culture and fine art and who is just bursting to “represent”.


So whether it be nature, pop culture or something reflective, tattoos are a great form of expression for women of all ages, and there’s a multitude of design ideas just waiting for you at Celebrity Ink™.  Get inspired and visit one of our tattoo artists today.


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