Tattoos We Are Seeing Fading Into History

Published July 24, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

Manoeuvring your way through the superabundance of tattoo designs can be both exciting - and at the same time - an arduous task. With so many styles and design ideas to get your head around, it’s all too possible to make a ‘bad’ decision. 

There’s a lot of great inspiration out there but how do you make sure you can live with your final decision and that you’ll be able to appreciate your tattoo forever.  There’s the good, the bad and sometimes the downright ugly, so thankfully we can look to the tattoo pros to find out which tattoo designs to ditch in 2020.  

Tattoos that are so 2019

One trend that we’re getting fewer requests for over the past two or three years is the once-popular lower back tattoo. Otherwise known as the derogatory term - the “tramp stamp” - the 90’s saw the rise of this very popular tattoo. It’s positioned on the lower back with a mostly Celtic symbol and came at around the same time women were adopting the fashion of low-rise jeans which showed off their g-strings. 

Mandalas positioned under the breast were also very common in the 2000s, where a Mandala style tattoo was placed on the sternum (positioned just under the breast). This previously popular tattoo style accentuates the curves underneath the breast. Based on symmetry, the Mandala style of tattoo can come in floral or tribal patterns. Whilst Mandala artwork has been around for centuries and will continue to do so, it’s the positioning of this tattoo style under the breasts which is waning in popularity.

Other tattoo styles that are no longer popular

Trudy Lines, a celebrity tattooist based in New York in a Pop Sugar article advises that “watercolour tattoos are slowly disappearing, as well as the hype of the stick-and-poke style tattoo….but minimalistic tattoos will continue in 2020. The illustrative black line-work style will stay. People are also getting more visible areas tattooed, but not extensively” she said. “Delicate and simple tattoos in visible and unique placements that aesthetically emphasize the body part are going to be a major trend this year. For example, a flying bird, placed off-centred on the back of the hand as opposed to placing it on a more discreet body area.”

Finally, definitely out for 2020 is the “spontaneous tattoo”. People are taking more time to get informed, which can only be a great thing for both the client and the artist.  There will be more preparation in the design process and pre-tattoo stage. Let the folks at Celebrity Ink help you narrow down the choice to see what is fading into history with tattoos which are no longer popular.  You can book your appointment now.

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