The Greatest Tattoos In Films

Published September 9, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

Some movies are remembered for their action scenes, while others for their romantic moments. But the ones we love are those that are iconic for the tattoos that feature heavily on the big screen, becoming part of the film’s plot itself!

Here are some of our fave tattoos worn by actors in blockbuster movies – bringing memorable tattoos to Hollywood.


Photo: The Matrix Movie (Warner Bros. Pictures)

The white rabbit from The Matrix


One of the most memorable moments of the film The Matrix is when character Dujour, played by Aussie actress Ada Nicodemou, visits Neo at his apartment and he sees a white rabbit tattoo on her left shoulder.


This tattoo leads Neo to the nearby nightclub for the first meeting with Trinity, therefore making it a key moment in the film.


The white rabbit became somewhat of a symbol for The Matrix, and with its striking white design and black outline, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. 


Photo: Master and Commander Movie  ( 20th Century Fox)

‘Hold fast’ tattoo from Master and Commander


A grizzled old sailor sported an iconic tattoo on his hands throughout the film Master and Commander, which read ‘Hold’ on one hand and ‘Fast’ on the other. 

This tattoo is considered a lucky charm, harking back to the sailing days of a hundred years ago where the design was thought to give sailors an extra strong grip when pulling on the ropes. 

Sailors are known for their superstitions and this tattoo is just one of many in a line of good luck charms that sailors embraced in the hope of making sailing the seven seas a little less risky. 


Photo: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Movie  ( Sony Pictures Entertainment)

The dragon from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


The film based on the best-selling novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo features the iconic dragon tattoo snaking all the way down actress’s Rooney Mara’s back. 

The gothic-thriller genre of the film perfectly matches the black shaded tattoo that features on character Lisbeth Salander’s back throughout the movie. 

Whether or not inspired by the film, backs have often been a popular place to get a dragon tattoo inked, as the large space makes for the perfect canvas on which to feature a detailed design. 

If you’re searching for your next tattoo design, why not turn to the big screen? There are so many brilliant films out there that feature iconic tattoos… it’s simply a matter of finding the one that suits you best!

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