The Top 5 Destinations To Visit When The Travel Ban Is Lifted

Published September 24, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

If you are looking forward to walking down the aisle once travel bans have been lifted, we’ve already found the top 5 destinations to visit. We’re not talking about your wedding aisle, but rather the aisle of that aeroplane on the next flight out of here!

Catching the Travel Bug

Ok, so right now there’s no place like home but soon enough we’ll be ready to blow this popsicle stand and it doesn’t hurt anyone to do some research and dream on. But first, what is the mood like and how is everyone feeling about travel plans? Skyscanner (a global travel search site) has been taking weekly pulse surveys of more than 5,000 travellers in their key markets and sharing the findings in a Travel Insight blog. They have reported that the top five most searched for destinations in April 2020 for travel between December 2020 and February 2021 across eight of their key markets shows a strong leaning towards bigger travel experiences.

People will visit “bucket-list” destinations with over 79% most likely to visit these destinations once restrictions are lifted. People are keener than ever to make the most of their travel time with 63% of Americans agreeing strongly to make better use of their time to travel in the future. The number one destination for those living in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands excluding domestic travel is Bangkok. Whilst the US wants to finally take that trip of a lifetime to Australia with Melbourne and Sydney taking number 1 and 2 poll positions over domestic travel to New York, and London and Paris ranking in 4th and 5th positions.

Jon Thorne, Director of User Satisfaction at Skyscanner reports that “while travel has changed, it’s clear that the desire to discover will endure. It’s interesting that this period of lockdown appears to have increased the value of travel in people’s minds, with a greater appreciation of the ability to get away”.

Meanwhile, Aussies are still loving the tried and true destinations such as London, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo and Bali. However of all countries surveyed, the most-searched destinations on Skyscanner in April for travel between December 2020 to February 2021 are:

1| Bangkok

The capital of Thailand offers globetrotters an amazing launchpad to Thai holiday adventure and the city itself has an historical architecture and traditions dating back hundreds of years.

2| New York

One of the US cities hardest hit by Covid 19 is going to need a whole lot of love from travellers to get through, but if any city can do it, it’s New York. Get researching for all of those Broadway and off-Broadways shows, for some sensational shopping and of course it’s also a gateway to The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and other fabulous US cities.

3| Tenerife – Canary Islands

This island of extraordinary beauty and diversity featuring remote villages on mountains, charming ancient towns, white sandy beaches is mixed with the offerings of all-inclusive resorts offering clubbing and fun all night long.

4| Orlando

Pester power will probably win out here when the kids are desperate to break away from home and you want to treat them to one of the happiest places on earth! Of course Orlando Florida is another “bucket-list” destination offering Disneyworld holiday packages as well as Universal studios and from there you can continue the home-away-from-home schooling with a day trip to the Kennedy Space Centre.

5| Dubai

If you have not visited Dubai yet, you are in for a treat. This is one of the world’s most glamorous urban destinations featuring obscene luxury and world famous architecture such as the towering Burj Khalifa. There’s more to Dubai than meets the eye offering a fascinating bustling souk plus sandy white beaches. Don’t forget the endless expanse of desert just around the corner with a dune-bashing off-road trip and camel ride you will find hard to forget.

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