Top Three Things You Can Do On The Gold Coast Whilst Partial Lockdown Is Still In Effect

Published July 10, 2020
By Celebrity Ink

The easing of restrictions of our partial lockdown due to Covid-19 means going to the beach, having a picnic, hiking, shopping and playing some sport is back on the table.   


As long as you make sure your group does not exceed ten people, you still maintain social distancing and good hygiene, you’ll be following the rules. Oh and you must stay within 150 km of your home, but if you’re in South East Queensland you’re in luck, because the Gold Coast is home to so many amazing activities and adventures.  


Here’s our top 3 picks of things you can do on the Gold Coast whilst partial lockdown is still in effect. They may not be lifetime goals, but it’s what we are all craving!

Chasing Waterfalls and Hinterland Hiking

We’re telling you – it’s ok to chase waterfalls! The Gold Coast hinterland is home to some impressive waterfalls, and Purling Brook Falls situated within the heritage listed Gondwana rainforest at Springbrook National Park is seriously impressive. It provides a stunning view from the lookout and a swoon-worthy swimming hole. There’s some incredible walks in this area too, from moderate to hard.  You’ll experience close encounters with the rainforest and lyrebirds on these fabulous hiking trails.

The Lure of Retail…

Whilst shopping centres and supermarkets have remained open, we have been missing non-essential shopping. With the easing up of restrictions, you’ll find some stores back and bartering for your hard earned dollar so it’s a great time to shake down a bargain.   


Here’s a list of Shopping Centres which are open. Oh and hello, The Burleigh Markets are back with social distancing in place of course.  It’s an opportunity to get behind local farmers who will have the best produce on offer.  Held every Saturday it’s a must do with amazing stalls, salivating aromas, entertainment, craftsmen and artisans. You might be reluctant at first but don’t just browse; buy up on all the things you love and do your bit to stimulate the economy so we can all move out of this with greater choice.

The Beach is Beckoning

Is the beach calling your name? If you social distance you can come! 


Take the family on a day out and revel in the ocean. It’s not too cold that you can’t dip your toe in, and the kids will love burying Dad.  Creating magic with the family during this time is what we will remember for years to come. 


Gold Coast beaches are open for fitness, walks and ocean frolicking but check the lowdown on what you can and can’t do along with a list of 7 of the best beaches on the Gold Coast.


That’s a wrap for our top 3 but we wanted to go on forever! We love the Gold Coast and can’t wait to open up and welcome back all of our customers. Until then, stay safe and get creative! 


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